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You should try out YUMI it's far easier and quicker than doing it all manually. Been using it for a while and hasn't let me down yet.


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These are just a bunch of high end pcs but instead of having their own hdds for game storage it's all consolidated into one huge nas, which you would just use symlinks or junction points to point his program files/steam folder at.

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This is much more interesting, but I don't think we're quite there interms of software, bandwith & latency. There's always Onlive & Gaikai.

Edit here's the link for the splashtop app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.splashtop.remote.pad.thd&hl=en (nvidia cards only I think)

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Here you go Dave...

Location: UK

ISP: UKFSN (Entanet)

DNS:, (on router, locally)

Computer: Win 7 x64, Chrome 19 beta

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@AlisterCat: I'd go for the Sensei if I were you, It's basically the same mouse as the Diablo 3 edition, looks better (IMHO) and is a couple of quid cheaper. http://www.ebuyer.com/341589-steelseries-sensei-mouse-62029

The Xai is almost identical too and a lot cheaper to boot, but the rubberised coating doesnt age too well.

I use a Xai at work, and a sensei at home so if you've got any questions about them ask away.

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+1 this is step backward, I honestly expected the switch to the YouTube player to mean that HD would become a free feature for all to enjoy, not a downgrade in quality potentional members. Video content is what makes Whiskey Media, don't ruin that with videos which are lower resolution than my phone.

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first? too good to be true, damn quests!

good too hear the bbc stuff will be available to all, also isn't that a bit out of character for AT&T?

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Mine just despatched, not from GAME however.

So stock is in the wild, previously when I've ordered from GAME I received the game long before they bothered to send me an email telling me that it had been despatched.

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@hellbent: my plugin is structured like this...

...I'm guessing you may not have the extra plugin.video.giantbomb directory level inside your zip and thats why it's rejecting it.

Also you could sftp into the atv2 and check the xbmc log files located at /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/XBMC.log might give you some more info on what's going wrong.

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