Top 5 Worst Games I've Ever Played

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Posted by thehideousshrew

I wholeheartedly agree.Although I did sort of like Phantasmagoria, only sort of though.

Posted by ApertureSilence
@thehideousshrew:   I really liked the first Phantasmagoria. 
A Puzzle of Flesh is the infamously awful sequel. :)
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@MurderByDeath said:

" @thehideousshrew:   I really liked the first Phantasmagoria.  A Puzzle of Flesh is the infamously awful sequel. :) "

Aha, fair enough then. On a similar note, Would you include "ripper" on this list? Was in a similar vein but but i can't recall whether it was properly awful or whether it's just the haze of memory.
Also How about "The 11th hour"?
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@thehideousshrew: Ripper is definitely a not a good game, but I wouldn't even come close to putting it on any "Worst" lists. The acting, though awfully over the top, is actually kinda hilarious - especially from the always entertaining Christopher Walken. The puzzles can be frustrating, but they're not as nonsensical as those of say Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh or Gabriel Knight 3. 
Come to think of it, I'd put Gabriel Knight 3 on a "Worst Adventure Games" list before Ripper. That's the game featuring the infamous cat hair puzzle, often cited as the death knell of adventure gaming.
Posted by thehideousshrew

Your mention of  Gabriel knight has brought a tear to my eye... well not really but I really liked the second one a lot, hideously disappointing sequel.

Posted by ApertureSilence
@thehideousshrew: As a native German speaker, I remember the accents in Gabriel Knight 2 driving me absolutely up the wall.  "Nine! Icks have nickt gesehen das Letter!" - still a fine game though. 
Now the original Gabriel Knight, that was a gosh-darn masterpiece!
Posted by Jost1

Hopkins FBI is indeed terrible, I'm one of the 5 people in the world who actually finished it. The virtual reality sequences were beyond bizarre. It represents the very worst of point and click adventure games.

Posted by Paulrus

You actually had a chance to play "Plumbers"?

Posted by ApertureSilence
@Paulrus: Yep, I actually had a 3DO back in the day.
Posted by Psykhophear

Whoa, Daikatana made it to number one. Was it that bad for you? I thought it was ok. I know I know, the controls were awful and the AI was incredibly stupid but I've seen worse.

Posted by ApertureSilence
@Psykhophear: Daikatana was a trainwreck, design wise. The AI made it practically unplayable. Considering its pedigree, how long it was in development, and what it was promised to be, hell yes it's the worst game I've ever played.
Posted by smokemare

You should edit this to include some commentary on why you thought they were so bad - I'd be interested to read that.

Posted by ApertureSilence
@smokemare: Absolutely. I originally made this list around the time that GB first introduced the quest system, so I was just kinda putting up as many slapdash lists as possible. I promise I'll get around to fleshing this list out in the not-too-far future.