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Forced scroll arcade shooters like Gradius and Xevious - Conveyor belt shooters.

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OS: Vista Premium 64 bit/ XP 32 bit
CPU: Intel E6850 @3.4GHz
Mobo: DQ6 P35
Memory: DDR2 4GB
Video: EVGA 8800GT 

Storage: Three HDDs

Monitor: 1440x900

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More potential spoilers!

Maybe he is not only looking for self-respect but for answers, by bringing academics with him they might explain it all, so he can sleep at night. He may already feel guilty for bringing others in and is hopelessly trying to fix it by bringing even more in to the zone, remember he believes his daughter has been affected in some way. When he realises they don't believe him he knows they won't be able to help him. 

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I'd probably have agreed he was simply insane had I watched the film before playing the game, I think it skewed my outlook when watching the film. There are plenty of scenes that could be read in several ways especially the last scene in the kitchen.

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Meh, I've never seen Bladerunner but Stalker was excellent. I enjoyed how they didn't have weapons and merely relied on bolts, whereas the game hardly used them at all. The story is great too, the whole time you question whether the guide is simply playing out some ridiculous dream or speaking the truth. I'd recommend it to anyone whether you've played the game or not as the game is only loosely based on the film/book.

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So basically you want to blur the leaves constantly? There is a setting that will give you a similar effect that you can enable in the console. Type in 'r_UseEdgeAA' without the apostrophes then type either 0, 1 or 2. For more information read the quotation below from the page I linked:

r_UseEdgeAA [0,1,2] - This setting controls the level of edge blurring applied to reduce the impact of jagged edges in the game, particularly on foliage. A value of 1 applies some mild edge blurring, which can reduce the jaggedness and shimmering of the image, but will reduce FPS slightly; a value of 2 further blurs/thickens jagged edges for another potential drop in FPS. You can see an animated image quality comparison of it by clicking here: Crysis_EdgeAA.gif (530KB). Note this setting will only work if your Shaders Quality setting is on High or above, and can't work in conjunction with normal AA; Edge AA is automatically disabled when regular AA is enabled.

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MrGetBonus said:

"Also,  if I zoom in on some leaves it seems like the leaves get "thicker" and if I zoom back it out looks "thinner" and more pixelated. However, if I move closer to the tree the same distance the zoom simulates, it still looks like the first pic in each of these examples."

This is because when you zoom in you are focusing down the scope. Crysis portrays this realistically by blurring out the background as you focus through the reflex sight. The leaves of the trees are made of a sprite with sharp edges that don't blur fantastically and as a result they can appear simply thicker instead of bluring smoothly as was intended. 

I'm struggling to see the grid of lines in any of those pictures though.

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It could be artifacting from an overheated graphics card. I'll wait until you've posted a screenshot or video but its worth checking your graphics card's temperature.

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Yes and I'd definitley recommend it if you've enjoyed any realistic flight simulator. Here are some developer made tutorial videos that give you a good idea of how complex the game can be (though you can make things easier in the options if its too complex). As for joysticks, most should be compatible as you can set custom controls. The important thing is to get a joystick that has a throttle lever as you'll struggle without one. You should probably check on the official forums but I know the MSFF2, X45, X52, cougar and CH sticks all work fine with the game.