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My prayers and thoughts go out to Ryan's family, GB Staff, to everyone.

We'll miss you Ryan.

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Hey duders, I just applied to the Corp. I jumped off for a bit but will be back on in about 30mins if anyone wants to squad up.

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@bassman2112: I'm with you on that front. EA has been getting rocky lately considering the last couple of years.

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This is making a lot of people happy.

I should go play some Thief games, one of those series everyone talked about and I never got around to it.

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It nice to see them understand how the price would make skeptics and be upfront by showing the breakdown. I appreciate the honesty!

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@sooty:Thats only if you have a desire to play PS1 and PSP games. Most of those games I don't have a desire to revisit. The majority of games that make me want a Vita are games like Hotline Miami that are getting ported or are cross platform, like Guacamelee and Soundshapes.

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In no particular order:

Borderlands 2

Dust an Elysian Tale

Mass Effect 3

Double Dragon Neon

XCOM Enemy Unknown

Saints Row the Third - My 2011 Game of 2012

Binary Domain

Rhythm Heaven Fever

My last two picks were not released this year but I spent alot of time on:

Killing Floor

League of Legends

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Watch Dogs pretty much stole the show so far.

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I'm wondering if this is everyone just waiting to see of they're going to get the next-gen consoles soon. It would make sense depending on expected console release dates.

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I really hope this doesn't play out like a traditional MMO, I like elder scrolls but I don't want to play one where I need to get 5 items from a monster.

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