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@Spoonman671 said:

I wonder if they'll be able to make a really great game out of the Aliens concept. Having nothing but melee enemies that should kill you almost instantly is a hard thing to pull off.

This is my concern too. I was hoping they were going to take it in a direction that took in other conflicts the Colonial Marines were involved in. This would have provide a bit more creative flexibility and I remember being fascinated by the details in the Colonial Marines Technical Manual when I read when I was a teenager http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aliens:_Colonial_Marines_Technical_Manual

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@BinaryDragon: What I have found in the past is that for popular pre releases GAME.co.uk will process the orders early but not actually ship them until Wednesday with the order arriving either the Thursday or Friday. I don't think you will receive it any earlier.

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Need more Hot Pursuit.  

Though this could be interesting if they make it The Chase of videogames with Charlie Sheen doing the voice of the protagonist.
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I'm the guy that keeps getting killed by the same person then makes it their mission to get revenge.  90% of the time I keep getting killed and 10% of the time I succeed.

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What a great demo!!! A shame the game wont sell. Monkey FTW!!!

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For some reason my Visa Delta wouldn't work so I had to use my visa credit card. I went out after subscribing and my debit card wouldn't work anywhere and it triggered a fraud prevention call from my bank. It was all very strange.

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They're partying like it's the end of the world.

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Anything that reduces load times especially by so much is cool. Now I don't feel like such a tool for buying a horribly overpriced hard drive.............. Oh no wait I do still feel like one : (

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I subscribed as I feel that on Giant Bomb alone I have has more than enough entertainment to cover the sub over the last year.  Also I have a load of respect for what all the guys at Whiskey Media are trying to achieve by giving their readers / viewers / listeners something unique.   
Keep it up and I will subscribe every year.    

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I have to play everything inverted as I spent my youth playing far too many Microprose flying games and my brain has just wired itself that way.  I dread that a day will come when the inverted option disappears from the options screen and I have to get myself out of 20+ years of inversion.

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