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Been playing Warframe in a dedicated fashion with a friend for a week now. Would love to join either of the GiantBomb unofficial clans.

My IGN: AphroThunder

Friend: DefendInsanity

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I would like to say thanks to Jeff and the rest of the GB crew for creating this discussion thread. Many other websites who have discussed this issue have disable the ability to comment on the discussion for one reason or another. I am glad that you guys respect your audience as being at least mostly reasonable adults and are more interested in fostering a discussion than preaching from a pulpit.

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While I welcome Jeff's thoughts on the issues at hand (after all that's why I subscribe to this site, to hear what you bombduders have to say), one thing still bothers me about not only this article but a lot of articles on the subject which have come out of various publications. Specifically its the use of the pronoun "we" to refer to "gamers" as though such a homogeneous group has ever existed. I don't think that playing video games is a sufficient criteria for the establishment of a group identity and there is such a diversity of people who play games that the vast majority of them likely only share their hobby in common. I don't think it is a case of "Us vs Us", because I'm not sure there is a coherent "us". Long story short, I don't think this is a problem that "we" share, I think it is a problem that is the result of the fact that among people who play games there happen to be a vocal minority of crappy humans just as there is a vocal minority of crappy humans in every part of life. And I think that my feelings upon "Gamergate" are similar to how I feel about crappy people in other facets of life: don't engage them, don't acknowledge the things they have to say or that they do and eventually they will snuff themselves out. All in all much of the talk on the subject from both directions smacks of people waking up and finally discovering that the emperor has no clothes.

This all said I want to once again voice my support for all the things that you guys at Giantbomb do. You have my immense respect for being straight up duders, even when I might disagree with you a little.

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I don't own many movies anymore because I'm streaming on Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes.

I don't own many books anymore because I'm buying digitally from Amazon and iTunes.

I don't own many albums anymore because I'm streaming on Spotify and Pandora.

The problem being that once data caps become basically a universal norm in the US you will be doing significantly less of these things.