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Heart of stooooone

Soooooul of Metal!

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1. Locke
2. Sawyer
3. Ben
4. Hurley
5. Jack#

I feel like i should have Sayid and Desmond in there somewhere but its just too hard to choose 5 from about 30...

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MrMiyagi said:
"LinkOwnz, Catwoman had her own movie... and it fucking sucked.

But yes... Johnny Depp is set to play the Riddler.

No he's not.

Its rumored he's going to play the Riddler if they even decide to make the Riddler the next villain, which they haven't yet since they haven't started writing it.

Also The Penguin won't be in any of them and its safe to assume that any fantastic character won't be either.
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Did the Batpod look slow to you?

Not to mention you don't know how far away he had to travel. For all we know it was just around the corner from him...

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- Can be overly sarcastic.
- Doesn't really care if i see anyone again which has everyone like "Oh why didn't you call me" and i'm all like "Because i had nothing to call you for." and there like "Still you should of called" and i was all like "To talk about?" and they are all like "Stuff"
- My habbit of dragging things out that can be answered in one or two sentences.
- My constant pointing out of other peoples flaws in logic. Unless of course, its part of a joke, in which case anything goes.
- Probably to some people i just have one of those faces.

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Comedy = Arrested Development

For everything else theres LOST.

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What does religion have to do with watching a movie?

Also wasn't The Passion of the Christ, R Rated?

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sculsoldi3r said:
"Happy_Cloud said:
"TomA said:
"IT IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                            But still not better than StarWars"
Which Star Wars was better than this?"
First 3 (but they were technically last 3). And like the last 3 (technically the 1st) xD"

I think he means which installment of Star Wars, not which trilogy.

Its hardly fair comparing 1 film to 3.
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ethan said:
"it's 12:48 west coast time.  I just walked back from the bar.  What are you doing up?   
Maybe people are still up because they aren't on West Coast Time...