With apologies to Bob Dylan: "The Games They Are Too Many"

The Games They Are Too Many

Come gather 'round gamers

Wherever you play

And admit that you might have

Got carried away

And accept that there aren't enough

Hours in a day

To attack the big stack you’ve been saving

The releases keep coming much to your dismay

For the games they are too many

Come racers and shooters

With your cars and your guns

And race for your shot at

The eternal fun

Don’t put on your brakes

For your safety is none

From a pile that is threatenin’ to cave in

There’s no finish line if you just finish one

For the games they are too many

Come wizards and warriors

For now is your test

This game’s eighty hours

Do your leveling best

And of course that’s if you

Do not count the side quests

So don’t plan to sleep in your haven

No fantasy’s final, no time for a rest

For the games they are too many

Come sports fans and jumpers

Climb on your platform

And gather your coins for

The fourth quarter storm

You'll need overtime

To stomp out the whole swarm

It’s infinite lives that you’re craving

You yearned to be merry, O now you’re forlorn

For the games they are too many

The backlog is bigger

Than it ever has seemed

The digital era

Is picking up steam

And even your telephone’s

Like a bad dream

Don’t answer the call that it’s making

If you do all you’ll hear is your voice in a scream

That the games they are too many.

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Fucking rad, duder. I really enjoyed this.

Edited by PenguinDust

Awesome. Now do Free Bird.

Posted by ApolloBob

@mrsignerman44: Thanks man! A friend and I always chat over IM about how there are "too many games". To switch it up, that became "The games they are too many", which made me think of the song, and then this practically wrote itself.

@penguindust: Lord, help me, too many gay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ames! (20 minute guitar solo)

Posted by BaconGames

I'm sure Bob Dylan is reading this right now and actively registering a 1-post account just to yell at you for ruining his life. Can you just imagine?

Awesome. Now do Free Bird.

This is why something something nice things.

Posted by Kierkegaard

This is brilliant. Make the video!


Hey, this is great.

also: @bacongames best use of that statement 2013.

Posted by Jams

That was great. That's some good word use there. Wish I could do that... I guess I'll have to stick to my HURR DUUR BUUURRRR DUUURRR

Posted by BaconGames
Posted by ApolloBob

@bacongames: I'll just tell Bob this is an anthem for my generation -he'd be cool with that, right? Maybe I'll tell him that with "Soy Giant Bomb" painted on my bare chest.

@kierkegaard: Oh man, I think I already used up my creative juice for the year. I'd sing it if someone accompanied me on acoustic guitar though. Any takers?

@jams: Ha,ha - you're allright by me, duder! To be frank, while I like to write here and there, some of this stuff I seemed to be playing way above myself. Writing it was pretty quick; it was a little weird actually. Anyway, your HURR DURR seems better than what Justin Beiber does. BOOM - Grumpy old man card played!

Posted by probablytuna

I'm imagining Bob Dylan singing this and it's fucking fantastic.