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I love when grown men talk like middle schoolers.

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I gave Tuffy what all good bitches want....an XBONE

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Siskel and Ebert were the giants of film criticism because you knew they genuinely loved the medium - they didn't rip on a movie because they loved the sound of their own snark or the power of their opinions. They saw a bad movie as a slight to the entire art form or an insult to the intelligence of the viewer. I still miss Gene and now I will miss Roger. Many was the time I would watch a movie and think "I wonder what Ebert thought of this" and go to his website. His thinking and writing ability was always enjoyed. R.I.P.

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Despise, eh?


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@bacongames: I'll just tell Bob this is an anthem for my generation -he'd be cool with that, right? Maybe I'll tell him that with "Soy Giant Bomb" painted on my bare chest.

@kierkegaard: Oh man, I think I already used up my creative juice for the year. I'd sing it if someone accompanied me on acoustic guitar though. Any takers?

@jams: Ha,ha - you're allright by me, duder! To be frank, while I like to write here and there, some of this stuff I seemed to be playing way above myself. Writing it was pretty quick; it was a little weird actually. Anyway, your HURR DURR seems better than what Justin Beiber does. BOOM - Grumpy old man card played!

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@mrsignerman44: Thanks man! A friend and I always chat over IM about how there are "too many games". To switch it up, that became "The games they are too many", which made me think of the song, and then this practically wrote itself.

@penguindust: Lord, help me, too many gay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ames! (20 minute guitar solo)

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I like the change, although that's mostly because I always would follow the same pattern on the old site:

1. Refresh to see if any new content was posted on the site

2. Scroll down to see the most recent forum activity

3. Find a thread that looked particularly stupid or interesting and click on it.

4. Encounter ungodly stupidity which was either expected or unexpected depending on #3

5. Get mad and want to punch someone in the face.

It's my fault of course - no one forced me to click on anything - but getting mad less has certainly helped my blood pressure.

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Happy birthday, Tricky P - get hunked!

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@Rainbowkisses said:

@Video_Game_King said:


Any love.

And that's why we love you.

Video_Game_King loves us too - why else would he have over 26,000 posts? That says "Why can't I quit you, Giant Bomb community?"

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I believe there are certain people we feel a strange draw towards - when those people are part of our dating pool we might mistake it for love at first sight, but it could just as easily be a strange mental hiccup that ultimately means nothing.