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Love it!

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This seems like a really smart idea. How big were these editors before they got hired by CBSi?

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@jouseldelka: I think you've nailed it. Nothing would break your heart as a kid faster than being unable to run the game you just worked your arse off for :(

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@patman99: Congrats, you win the 'Most reasonable person in this thread' award!

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Sleeping Dogs was great at capturing a lot of the 'feel' of Hong Kong, even if it was a little funny with it's placement of certain landmarks as well as it's geography. But hey, those were understandable considering the very real limitations any studio encounters when making an open world game.

So yeah, Sleeping Dogs was great.

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I'd love any that are still available :)

I'm in Durham btw.

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Now that there's actual footage of SR4 out in the wild, I'm feeling a little more confident about the game. Looking around the forums gives the impression that Volition's marketing has put a lot of people off and that general sentiment is a little wary. Frankly, considering that the marketing for SR3 had the same effect, I'm not terribly surprised. It wasn't really until people were able to play the game for themselves that people really started to latch onto it.

Either way, the new footage looks pretty promising. While the video is a little random for the sake of being random at times ("We decided Saints Row needed a Mech" etc.) the promise of being able to run around Steelport as a super-powered President still sounds great. Hell, graphically the game even looks a little nicer than I expected, and the added verticality to Steelport is promising.

How's everyone else feeling?

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Hahaha, forgot how much I love Gizoogle.

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'Troy Baker: The Videogame' seems like something I would happily play.

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This is beautiful. Great job.