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I constantly think of moments where Ryan Davis had a prevailing opinion on something, and it bubbles up to the top. Then I remember he's gone. It's terribly sad.

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Wanted to pop in to express how unbelievably heartbroken I have been over the past couple days over the news. Like many here I never met Ryan, but because of the amazing platform Ryan had here I feel as though I lost a close friend and his absence will leave a lasting hole. My sincere condolences to his wife, family, friends and colleagues. RIP.

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Diet Coke tastes like the water that would pour out of a bag of garbage that's been sitting in the hot sun, but there's just some charm to it that is really refreshing if I'm gonna drink a diet soda.

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Wow that explosion was serioussssssss. This is gonna be bad.

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@winternet: @bisonhero: @bigjeffrey: Alright, I reordered the names to match the images. I had, as @bisonhero assumed, ordered the names by podcast tenure (or something like that anyway) but straight up names-to-faces does seem to work better. Thanks for the suggestion!

Alright, as good as some of the earlier ones were, I think this one fits the the album art quality of podcast art the best, and for lack of any better explanation, I can already imagine it occupying that space in itunes. A couple small gripes however... I think the lower font fits really well with the sort of mid-century corporate aesthetic that you're going for, but the upper fonts seem just slightly too clean and "word-processor-y" for the miles davis/john coltrane-esque theme. Maybe try searching for some slightly more nuanced mid-century fonts. Also maybe you could distress the photos themselves to make them look a little older and/or the whole thing to make it appear like a photo or scan of an LP cover.

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Is there a name or an expression for having such ridiculous stuck-up standards as not listening to music for any reason other than not liking the sound, or condemning a website because of the groundless belief that it's "below you," etc..?

Jesus christ.

I dunno, I think at some point during the 90's when bands and labels had fine tuned the art of selecting a name just to evoke a specific mental picture or mood it also became acceptable to hate on those bands. Any I really hate there was probably some reason I wasn't gonna listen to them anyway based on word of mouth or association with a subset of High School outcasts, I'm thinking Linkin Park, Godsmack, Slipknot, but I can't think of any at present that really fit the bill exactly. I've certainly explored music where the band name was a intriguing to me and I wouldn't have listened to it otherwise.

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Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I love me some Vinny and Ryan or Vinny and Jeff sometimes Brad, this allows me to do it, thanks duder.

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This should be fun. With so much parity, this gen just feels like a bloodbath to me. I can't wait for the first company to insult the other.

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Sorta, and Unprofessional Fridays is better so I don't know what to think about TNT any more.