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@alcor741: Those are some graphic-ass banners right there. Really nice looking, man! :D



(God it's like a Geocities page up in here now. I'm sorry, I'll make some non-GIF ones tomorrow but I really had to get this idea out of the way because it's too dumb I love it.)

dude these are fucking awesome

Oh man, if I had to pick one or two of these I love the Sony one with the yellow car power sliding and the tekken girl or the EA one with the packers kickoff and the mechs. They're all so good.

Also, the "his year is over" luigi nintendo one is special too.

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My body is always ready!

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I constantly think of moments where Ryan Davis had a prevailing opinion on something, and it bubbles up to the top. Then I remember he's gone. It's terribly sad.

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Wanted to pop in to express how unbelievably heartbroken I have been over the past couple days over the news. Like many here I never met Ryan, but because of the amazing platform Ryan had here I feel as though I lost a close friend and his absence will leave a lasting hole. My sincere condolences to his wife, family, friends and colleagues. RIP.

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Diet Coke tastes like the water that would pour out of a bag of garbage that's been sitting in the hot sun, but there's just some charm to it that is really refreshing if I'm gonna drink a diet soda.

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Wow that explosion was serioussssssss. This is gonna be bad.

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@winternet: @bisonhero: @bigjeffrey: Alright, I reordered the names to match the images. I had, as @bisonhero assumed, ordered the names by podcast tenure (or something like that anyway) but straight up names-to-faces does seem to work better. Thanks for the suggestion!

Alright, as good as some of the earlier ones were, I think this one fits the the album art quality of podcast art the best, and for lack of any better explanation, I can already imagine it occupying that space in itunes. A couple small gripes however... I think the lower font fits really well with the sort of mid-century corporate aesthetic that you're going for, but the upper fonts seem just slightly too clean and "word-processor-y" for the miles davis/john coltrane-esque theme. Maybe try searching for some slightly more nuanced mid-century fonts. Also maybe you could distress the photos themselves to make them look a little older and/or the whole thing to make it appear like a photo or scan of an LP cover.

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Is there a name or an expression for having such ridiculous stuck-up standards as not listening to music for any reason other than not liking the sound, or condemning a website because of the groundless belief that it's "below you," etc..?

Jesus christ.

I dunno, I think at some point during the 90's when bands and labels had fine tuned the art of selecting a name just to evoke a specific mental picture or mood it also became acceptable to hate on those bands. Any I really hate there was probably some reason I wasn't gonna listen to them anyway based on word of mouth or association with a subset of High School outcasts, I'm thinking Linkin Park, Godsmack, Slipknot, but I can't think of any at present that really fit the bill exactly. I've certainly explored music where the band name was a intriguing to me and I wouldn't have listened to it otherwise.

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Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I love me some Vinny and Ryan or Vinny and Jeff sometimes Brad, this allows me to do it, thanks duder.

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