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Cheese, pickles, onions, mayo, ketchup, mustard. Think I might be done with tomatoes and lettuce anymore, the are never uniform and just cause the burger to fucking slide all over the place.

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The lights were a little bright on the press conference viewing set, I thought everything else about it worked perfectly fine though. The night show set is a little too polished for my tastes and lacking the charm and fun of the college apartment feel of the previous years. I will say it is easier to follow the conversations than the last couple years where there were just too many disparate guests jammed into a big room. I like the green room live look in between segments that shows who's coming up next and adds some life to it all.

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Looks like another Blood game alright.

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I'm a sucker for the special edition dews myself. I buy 2 twelve packs of them each time a new one comes out. I still have a 12 of Ryse Son of Rome dew from the xbone launch but I think I bought 3 of those because there was a chance to win an xbone.

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I feel like I heard the word Desura at some point.

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I've always thought they should have a category on Netflix for "Snoozers" that you're guaranteed to fall asleep to but that might be unfair to the creators.

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I remember being completely embarrassed watching Speed 2 about a decade ago, I just now watched some of JP3 because of this discussion and it's aged worse than I thought and is a little lamer than I thought but it's still way better than Speed 2.

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It's totally fine. I probably enjoy watching it the most of any of the films at this point because it's the least dated CGI-wise and it's a fun action movie. Yeah some of the plot elements are kinda lame but I like the whole setup of how they get Dr. Grant back there and the flawed characters involved in all that. It's a lot of fun.

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As a PC person for the most part, I'm just starting to feel the pangs of hunger for 4K right now, seeing people talk about playing the Witcher at resolutions higher than 1080p. Merely trying to play a 4K video the other day chugged what I thought was a still capable PC. Building a PC that can do games at 4K/playable framerate feels like something I would like to do in the next couple years. A couple years after that it will be a no brainer to do that in PC and 4K TVs will be widespread so it will feel like time for new consoles for sure.

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I noticed they started to get repetitive and maybe a little worn out by the length of the console cycle during the fall release schedule in 2011. Recall the "3" games (Gears 3, MW3, Assassins creed II-3) starting the malaise in the coverage that still feels we are in a little bit to this day. I listened to the show on and off til 2011 but went through the whole catalogue back in 2012 and remember that maybe mid 09 to summer 2011 really being the golden age. Really the wiiware/dsiware era seemed like the heyday, and now nostalgia has set in pretty hard, so 2010.