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This is really unfortunate.

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It's an action game in which you play as a over-the-top character and you run around the streets doing combos and QTE's on enemies.

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Anyone else...? Should whet your appetite til fantasy baseball...

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I haven't been doing it since the first weekend it was out, really. I saw the list just growing larger and larger as I went along and just threw my hands up. Besides the overwhelming workload it would be to honestly go through all those games, it seems to me the ones that really have any chance have pundits on twitter and around the web getting the vote out, not just random dudes trying to honest sift through the crushing weight of whats in there.

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Dipping crappy Pizza (cafeteria / dining hall / buffett quality) in ketchup. Started in Jr. High with the bad pizza there, been doing it every since. Have friends, who with extra pizza to share, told me I could only have it if I don't dip it in ketchup.

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Could it be some random comic book pose of the Fantastic Four? Those movies were coming out back then and the kid could have snagged it off a google image search.

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Lego Star Wars III: Clone Wars, which was 'New' in the Redbox, it is promptly going back after about an hour of play, however. I played Lord of the Rings with my brother and it was marginally fun so I thought I try this, the moment to moment action of these games though is just not very fun.

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They were all awesome. They couldn't make shows as dumb as ones from the early-mid 90's today to save their lives.

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I agree. I ate KFC for the last time of my own free will sometime last year or the year before. The chicken was undersized, with a boogery layer of gross, super salty, grease-soggy skin that made my stomach feel immediately ill. I would totally give a Popeyes another chance at some point if I was around one again. Plus their sides are a little more interesting. I'd still eat a KFC biscuit if one appeared in front of me, though, so there's that.