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At first glance, it's not too drastic a change that I'll never get used to it or pine away for how things used to be. One little thing, or big thing, considering how I use the site now, is the lack of forum activity preview at the bottom.

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so japan is dumb is what you are saying?

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I owned a 3DS once. All it would do is gather dust.

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Yeah great, let me know when the games worth playing come to North America.


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All the Bill & Ted/Ninja Turtle/Surfer dude ones.

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EDIT: Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut.

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I wouldn't mind if the podcast was consistently 3-1/2 to 4 hours.

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I live for them shitting on disappointing games.

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I think there are maybe 2-3 games per year that are actually worth full price, the rest I do try to buy new, but it's after waiting for them to drop to less than $30. After a game gets around two years old, I'm getting the game used because the price difference between hunting it down new and going a few blocks to gamestop is just too big. I don't think that after a couple years a studio is sitting around waiting to see if a few people buy their marginal game each month, these games are make or break, I would assume, in the first few months. I actually tend to believe that it helps the industry by generating interest in sequels for games that most people would never have paid full price for, I know it's happened with me.