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Sweet, can't wait for the live quick look in 9 minutes.

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I have a 2011 build that's just slighty worse than yours and I'm just going to update the video card later in the year when it comes with the right free game, I'm hoping for mad max we'll see. It was the first pc I built where it was perfectly lighting fast for everyday computing. Feel like this computer will be good for something for a long time. The only thing that makes me want to upgrade ever is when I have like six video tabs open during e3 or when I was searching for that boxing match a couple weeks ago that'll slow her down.

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Quick Look confirmed!

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I prefer the inside joke types of shirts because I have the same self-consciousness about what I wear as you. I feel like I would only be wearing the explicitly GB shirts for the fans who know exactly what it is and that's not often whereas some of their more creative shirts kind of just blend into the urban streetwear style of shirts that are prevalent these days.

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It's probably gonna be more following from here on out. It's just easier to put down a website or a podcast when something comes up in real life. I can only get into playing games when it's something that I can get "addicted" to and that's about one or two games a year anymore.

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Yunno, why don't all the big publishers just go this way already and get it over with. They only care about money, not making interesting games. There's enough good stuff coming out of the indie space now, clearly that's where the people who give a shit about games are going. Sucks the big money of the publishers won't be there to really push graphics ever forward, but oh well, I get it, it's expensive. Phew, felt good to get that out.

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Dark Brotherhood sanctuary in Oblivion.