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The penthouse in Saints Row the Third thats kinda in the south of the center island, I think it's the first one you get. I loved shooting out the windows when I was running around in there. I loved the random hangers-on that were eating invisible sandwiches or talking on their cell phones in there.

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You just know Washington is gonna blow it. They always do.

EDIT: What I tell ya.

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I'm hoping the wing they move into has a neglected multi-story auditorium so they can start having studio audiences for UPF.

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PC but it probably won't be until it's deeply discounted on Steam and I have upgraded my PC or built a new one.

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The discordant and frantic sounds of Kirkhope's music really speak to me. David Wise's music has a new-age, elevator music feel has it's place but really like Kirkhope's stuff more after looking into this a little.

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Damn. I hope they didn't get the money and run from the BLLSL subscription sale in anticipation of the "getting used to the new office" slowdown that we saw a few years ago. I couldn't bear another one of those.

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A long-ass livestreamed QL with Vinny and Alex.

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Went tool-assisted for this imagining of Dan's live-streamed food adventure the other day.

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Over hard, on my sandwich.