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This should be fun. With so much parity, this gen just feels like a bloodbath to me. I can't wait for the first company to insult the other.

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Sorta, and Unprofessional Fridays is better so I don't know what to think about TNT any more.

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Cool, sounds long but will try to check it out this afternoon!

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No I'm still day one-ish, I mean it looks like they have a ton of fun ass games and are ready to really hit the ground running this time.

EDIT: Oh, and as a PC gamer for most of this console generation, I'm concerned, and I know this will change cause it's in my blood at this point, but upgrading to faster pc hardware for doing stuff other than games (web, video, music, file management, multitasking) has ceased to be a concern with recent (4+ core, 3+ghz cpu, 4-8gb ddr3 ram) machines, so I see myself possibly getting sucked into the consoles again for a more tailored experience. I might upgrade soon PC-wise, then start saving for a PS4 to have a foot in both worlds.

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Because 4k is too far off for the mainstream consumer to care about yet and it would have been a regression to the hardware snobbery Sony oozed last time out launching.

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I just want the thing to look like the sleekest device ever unleashed on the public. If they are hard at work cramming parts into something like that I can excuse them not showing it.

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I remember thinking during the N64 days that I bet in two gens we'll have games that look basically like real life, which would have been this (360) gen. I do think developers kinda hit their stride about midway through the gen due to effects, lighting and shading that really trick the eye into seeing some realistic looking things, such that IMO, some of this gens games won't look like total shit in a number of years. That said though, I still look forward to some "holy shit I can't believe this is a game" moments coming up.

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I got Soul by Ludacris (the biggest ones) on sale for $99 around xmas, use those on my PC. Got skullcandy ink'd for listening to stuff out and about, and jvc marshmallows to sleep in. I trash earbuds so I always buy ones under $20.

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I've had an SSD for almost a year now, and even though I love it for fast resets, fast installs and quick loads on some games. The difference between it and a modern spinning drive isn't that jarring for a lot of everyday stuff, frankly I'd rather have the relative peace of mind size and stability-wise of a 500gb+ HDD in a console that I expect to just work.

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Looks like the handles have some bulbousness to them underneath like the 360 which I like, also the thumbsticks have some ridged contour to them, also good. Heard the triggers felt alright. Seems ok. Knew some touchpad and move stuff would be in there, I dunno about that stuff but the thing seems pretty alright.