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I've now seen 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7 but I'm thinking of watching some of the movies then seeing 7 again, Is Fast Five where the series basically became GI Joe or is F&F4 like that too?

Edit: I can't count the number of times I shook my head at the sheer ridiculousness of basically the whole movie.

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All this pizza talk is getting me hungry.

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I wouldn't open it, I'd sit on it til you can get max money for it.

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This thing would look great clipped on a utility belt.

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Let's just hope it's not actually called Zelda U when it comes out.

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Sounds like premium content.

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I like the awkward comedic feel the shows have with Jeff hosting just fine. I'm sure he would make the change if he felt it necessary and the shows would be great then too.

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Fun happened, that's what.

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Watch this and everything will make sense. This is the standard fedora enthusiast

Oh, the pain.

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Okay, now I'm lost. Who ruined fedoras? My Little Pony-loving neckbeards, or artisanal cheese-making, unicycle-riding hipsters?