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What ever happened to Professional Wednesdays?

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I haven't made it through the whole podcast and might as well ask while we're on the subject, are they gonna be livestreaming the panel this time and if so what day/time?

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I would start working towards getting credentials just to go and see that.

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2009-2010 really sorta the heydey in my mind. If they do a DSi ware segment in it you can't go wrong.

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Yeah, Oblivion probably five times including different versions across various platforms.

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It's not the "likes" that are bothering me in this podcast, just the speed and volume of everyone speaking, it's been a tough listen so far.

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I'm sure it's worthwhile for the crew or they wouldn't keep going to all of these, but I'm with the OP, I've come to resent Paxes now. For a stay at home user like me, all a Pax means is a panel video (which personally I get less and less from, to the point where I didn't bother starting up the Pax South one) and half of next week's podcast devoted to the happenings, which can mean skipping through a lot of that.

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@itwastuesday said:

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@alcor741: Those are some graphic-ass banners right there. Really nice looking, man! :D



(God it's like a Geocities page up in here now. I'm sorry, I'll make some non-GIF ones tomorrow but I really had to get this idea out of the way because it's too dumb I love it.)

dude these are fucking awesome

Oh man, if I had to pick one or two of these I love the Sony one with the yellow car power sliding and the tekken girl or the EA one with the packers kickoff and the mechs. They're all so good.

Also, the "his year is over" luigi nintendo one is special too.

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My body is always ready!

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I constantly think of moments where Ryan Davis had a prevailing opinion on something, and it bubbles up to the top. Then I remember he's gone. It's terribly sad.