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The two year for sure.

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Drop a bomb on it!

EDIT: They need to use this for E3 coverage or something!!

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I'm finding it really tough to get an accurate read on everything until it all works quickly and reliably.

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That puts a fucking bow on it folks. Cya next season football.

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I think they've created a niche for Giant Bomb-like sites at very least to spring up after theirs is done. Otherwise, what you get is Corporate Communications Conglomerate X puts up a gaming site, fills it with 23 year old yes men shills, and you end up with an IGN. There will be a place for the "basement" group of dudes with an independent take that have access to cameras, the internet and that have wacky personalities.

EDIT: It may be more important what happens with the games themselves in the coming years.

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Regardless of all the negative feelings (and I've had them too in the past) towards gamestop, I still like that there's a dedicated gaming store around that I can go in and not be ashamed to be a nerd about games and the people working there will generally know what the fuck I'm talking about (I'm sure there are idiots too, but they are closing stores after all, maybe they'll be weeded out a little). What I really hope comes out of this is that the combined stocks of all these stores means if there's something weird I want, it'll definitately be at the one gamestop that will presumably be left near me, and I won't have to drive 20 miles to another store to find "Weird Game X".

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3DS for Final Fantasy: Theatrhythm.

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Well, there are like three Gamestops in every town. There's even two by me where there is one in each strip mall that are caddy-corner to each other.

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The reason we haven't heard anything about it -- next gen launch title, timed to after the PS4 announcement. Boom.

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PS4, I hope it's gonna be great for a lot of reasons, but I'm not expecting backwards compatibility to be one of them. I hope they clear this up right away. I really hope a price drop for ps3 comes up so I can play a few PS3 games before next gen, they keep just bundling the PS3 (slim 1, or slim 2 at this point I don't care) with a couple of games I have no interest in and calling it a deal.