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"Reggae sucks."

-Dan, 4/21/15 bombcast

He's not wrong.

I hate most dorm room reggae as much as the next guy but there's some great stuff below the surface if you're willing to look. Additionally, if you lump Dub in with reggae as least as background music once in a while, reggae does definitely not completely suck. Dude just makes blanket statements to get a rise out of people. He was successful once again.

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At least Axle wants some reggae from time to time.

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"Reggae sucks."

-Dan, 4/21/15 bombcast

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It feels like the magic is gone from the consoles as far the boxed exclusives go. Console ownership doesn't feel like a world of endless possibilities anymore. The roadmap for what is coming to the consoles seems completely spelled out two years in advance for anyone who follows a gaming website and the few stops along the road feel like completely known quantities.

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Piped to the big TV with a chromecast for live shows. On a roku on a little TV for the more canned content before bed.

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There should be a third poll option that is "Another way for Valve to make money/Shit up their ecosystem", but I'm sure that comment has been made a bunch.

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Milwaukee Brewers games. Oh, you said games where the situations and characters are NOT grim or crummy.

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I hate the whole modern feeling of "I don't know what to do with my brain right now so I'm gonna stare at my smartphone". I think I'm gonna start leaving my smartphone in my car at restaurants and stuff so I don't do it anymore. That said, smartphones are pretty rad, I am way more willing to go on an "adventure" now because they can find me all the cool places to go, even if I'm just crowd-sourcing my decision making to restaurant reviews and things. They're probably worth about what they cost if not more.

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He usually has hard cider on UPF, but one time he did ask for a red, white and blue themed budweiser. I was kinda wondering this myself.

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Where are the head transplant doctor look-alikes?