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I got Soul by Ludacris (the biggest ones) on sale for $99 around xmas, use those on my PC. Got skullcandy ink'd for listening to stuff out and about, and jvc marshmallows to sleep in. I trash earbuds so I always buy ones under $20.

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I've had an SSD for almost a year now, and even though I love it for fast resets, fast installs and quick loads on some games. The difference between it and a modern spinning drive isn't that jarring for a lot of everyday stuff, frankly I'd rather have the relative peace of mind size and stability-wise of a 500gb+ HDD in a console that I expect to just work.

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Looks like the handles have some bulbousness to them underneath like the 360 which I like, also the thumbsticks have some ridged contour to them, also good. Heard the triggers felt alright. Seems ok. Knew some touchpad and move stuff would be in there, I dunno about that stuff but the thing seems pretty alright.

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I really want this to be day one for me. They look they really care about bringing a wide variety of games to their platform, looks like this could be a lot of fun.

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Wanted to see the console, but I was impressed.

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It would feel forced, if it wasn't a special occasion, like a GOTY podcast. I've come to expect that Skype conversation sound from most other podcasts these days, but one of the things that really ups the quality of the bombcast in my mind is that it is four dudes sitting around talking shop so they are able to play off each other in real time and maintain a consistent sound quality.

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Personally I call them ZzZzZzZzZzZz's, but I doubt that will catch on.

I lol'd.

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That mock-up looks like a Western Digital product from like 4 years ago. I'm hoping whatever the thing looks like is legitimately surprising design-wise.

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I think it makes sense for Sony to charge for online since Microsoft would be foolish getting rid of it, since everyone in the console market basically expects to pay for it these days, but I expect there to be value adds to it from today's proceedings (some new hooks along the lines of Playstation+ or whatever the Gaikai aquisition was about).

Edit: or maybe you don't bring up the "you gotta pay for this" aspect of it til a later event.