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still playing icewind dale 2


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Chech out Grim dawn or path of exile ... both are in beta

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@Ravenlight was in japant last year and have been craveing ever since.. Berlin has the best in eu at cocolo :) so yes.. Where in berlin for 5 days just to shop, eat and drink
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Love Teran highway team death match.. here the medic shines.. choke points and the whole team is almost always at the same point, great healer map.. the rest is lone wolf heavens :-( mostly

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Claude You where in the old trashy Berlin "must have been a sight for sure"

McGhee : dont be scared, the wormwood content is at a minimum.. So you wont cut of a ear, mostly just throw up

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benson old french hippe groves was the best <3 Horselips was a great one to

Danish YE oldie rock :-)

60ies sings in danish (the lyrics are the most spaced out shit ever)

60ies sings in english

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The Hostel was the most expensive: 39.00 eu per day.. But food, drink and shopping in berlin is great very affordable.. The clubs can be a little expensive if a good dj is playing

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Its great yes.... and the night did get a little fuzzy after Druid bar

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From the travels of me and line

ramen eating

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@CookieMonster said:

@Panpipe: Yep, sounds like 90s garage, but it came out last year funnily enough. A bunch of journalists are starting to call it 'Future Garage', which is probably one of the stupidest genre names I've heard in a while.

x2 sounds real old and not the best Uk garage i have heard, Do better plz ;-)

Video_Game_King That was just beautiful sounds.... Reminds me of dragonQuest

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