The Prince Chronicles: Day Zero Entry 2

Day Zero: 3 hours and 33 minutes from the incident.

My situation has gotten worse. My mouth is completely numb. I was enjoying a bowl of chicken broth later to realize it all ended up on my shirt. Not only that, but the numbness is spreading. I can no longer feel my earlobes nor the hairs on my head. Something is wrong. It was never supposed to be like this.

I have trouble speaking. No one understands me when I talk. However, people seem to understand my Russian perfectly. I found that quite odd. The birth giver has gone to purchase medication for me to lessen the side effects of the operation.

Between you and me diary, I think something went wrong in the procedure. They did something they weren't supposed to do. I have no proof, but everyone seems a little on edge. I blame the government for this. Luckily, I know a man who specializes in conspiracies. I may have to give him a call.

Over and out.


The Prince Chronicles: Day Zero

Day Zero: 2 hours and 47 minutes from the incident.

I awake. Dazed and confused. Shivering from the freezing cold. I don't know where I am. I recall discussions of Egypt. A mask held over my mouth, suffocating. "It is just oxygen". The pretty nurse was lying. I smelt oxygen, this was not it. A pinch in my left hand as the evil scientist inserts his needle. "Now I'll give you the good stuff" he says. Next thing I now, my testicles tingle. Should I scratch them? I am in the presence of a lady. Perhaps she will find it attractive. Then - blackness.

I wake shivering fighting off a woman as she takes me to a seat. But then she offers me a blanket so I change my opinion of her. Whatever that scientist did to me, it drained all my energy. I can barely stand. My mind can't focus. I begin tapping myself in different parts of my body, wondering if I am totally numb. My mouth and tongue have no feeling. My throat is dry. I try swallowing but it hurts. I am mildly uncomfortable.

What have they done to me?


Archived games that need some lovin'

Original thread can be found here.     

Here is a list of all the games from the archive which need your help. 

 N.I.C.E. 2
 Links Extreme
 Musashi no Ken - Tadaima Shugyou Chuu
 Death Duel
 Dr. Chaos
 Mort the Chicken
 Two Crude Dudes
JumpStart 2nd Grade 
Incoming Forces
Operation Carnage
Junkland Jam
Bio Menace
Burning Force
Killed Until Dead 
Sango Fighter
If you have helped fill out one of these games please reply in this blog to arab_prince.    
Start the Conversation and a new motto!

taswell  Ryan Davis 
oh crap what have you done to 
Reading Ryan's twitter I decided to take a stroll over to and it looks awful. It makes sense, since the changes are for Kinect and it looks like the dashboard that will come out soon. Still it looks pretty bad and less stylish, imo. I don't like the whole "square" design they have going on.   I'm also not excited for the new dashboard coming up. 
Navigating through the site, I hit a link that didn't work and look what came up! 

what a lame ass message? But the guy shrugging just makes me laugh and move on. 
Also I realized how old my motto was so it was time for a change. Just my luck that "Good Luck Have Batman" is the EXACT number of characters allowed. Booya


 It is a day that everyone has. It means something different to each person. For me, I tend not to do anything extravagant. I like just hanging out with family and taking it easy. The only thing that feels different, is having "my" day. Having something revolve around me is a weird feeling for me and I'm not sure I'm totally comfortable with it. Either way, it's only a day. It comes and goes. How do you guys feel on your birthday? What do you guys do? Any long lasting traditions?    

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The evolving bomb

In the past year (hell the past couple months) Giantbomb has had quite a few makeovers. The biggest addition was the Quest system. Along with it came the movement of the "nav bar" (my name for it) to the bottom of the screen. This was great since it showed you your "bar" and really made you feel great to level up. Add onto that the fact that it followed you everywhere made it pretty convenient. But I, like many others, realized this isn't really compatible with Google Chrome. After weeks of the bar, I got used to the Chrome issue and barely notice it nowadays. 
After the quest system came the renovation of the history tab and the problems with the search function (threads). The Nav bar eventually got more tweaks to it. Then, the big fish came out, in the new search bar. It kind of snuck up one us(at least me). After utilizing the search bar more often, I realized the genius of the innovation. If you are searching for a specific page, objects for example, you don't need to un-click all the other checked boxes to select objects only. Also, your preset search filters reset each time. Really, this tool is a great addition to the bomb since it helps people cycle through things much quicker. It also saves valuable seconds on quests ;) 
And now the Nav bar has moved once again, while getting a new wardrobe. Its in the top right, it doesn't follow you everywhere, but it is much smaller. It is the ipod nano, so to say. I for one like it. Sure I have to scroll up to use it, but wasn't the nav bar like that before quests? Yeah maybe the quest addition NEEDS the bar to follow us everywhere, but it honestly won't cause much of a hassle. The reason i love the move is because of the aforementioned Chrome problem. 
Anyways, I am proud of where the bomb is heading, from it has been. I love it and can't wait to see what comes next. I've always imagine a chat option like Facebook, since I have a list of friends. However, I don't know how it would work with the staff members, I'm sure they don't want people harassing them. Anyways, considering I barely know users on GB well enough to have personal conversations with, I am not sure this is a huge issue. 
Keep it up bomb crew :)

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Accomplished My Goal

A few months ago I noticed that giantbomb was lacking any information on the Spike Video Game Awards. Yes, they may be seen as terrible excuses for game related entertainment, but it cannot be denied the fact that they played a big role in presenting video games tot he mainstream media. So I decided to create these pages. Of course I wasn't at my 5000 wiki points mark yet, so I was planning on working on my project, then, once I finish, I push myself to the 5000 mark to finish.  
Little did I know how much work this project would be. Using Marino's Interactive Achievement Awards pages as my point of reference, I knew what to do but each page took quite a long time. Organizing the games, making sure I have the right information, then cross checking on Giantbomb and other sites the proper developers/publishers, all of this was at least an hours work per page. I worked on this over the course of the past months. On and off of course. One day I may do 2003 and 2004, then weeks later i do 2005, then so on. 
The other day I decided to add some info to Oblivion, and was surprised to see that I got 3000+ points for my work. Since that pushed me past the 5000 points, I decided now is the time to finish my project. So I finished up the pages last night, and today, my task was to import my work into Giantbomb. This took a lot of work as well. Linking pages, formatting, adding pictures,etc. This too took at least an hour per page. I spent all day working on this, and finally I have finished. 
It feels great knowing I contributed to Giantbomb. I am now on the first page of top users (which I am quite proud of). Now I am not sure what I want to do. I do know that I wish to continue to help Giantbomb expand. I may try wiki tasks, or I may just browse what information is on giantbomb (or is not on giantbomb) and try to fill the gaps. Anyways, I am satisfied. I hope people use the pages and can expand on what I did. Peace giantbomb 
ps. My VGA contributions can be seen here

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Final Impressions (MAJOR SPOILER)

So I finished the storyline today. And my final impressions are positive. 
Once I rode back to Abigail, I thought the game was done. I was expecting a cut scene of embracing my family, maybe a twist where someone dies/everyone dies. But I was so wrong. I don't know how I feel about the extra chapter of family missions. They were nice. They were very similar to the beginning of the game with Bonnie which tipped me that the game is ending soon. But this extra was special. This is something I haven't seen in video games, at least not that I remember. The feelings I felt during these missions were the feelings of accomplishment. I finally finished with all that shit. I can finally enjoy my family. The game did a great job of making me bond with my family. My missions were Jack were my favourite, no question. The banter between father and son was touching at times. I liked it a lot. I guess I do know how I feel about this chapter. 
The final mission. Ahh the final mission. What can I say. Pure despair trying to save my family. I was going crazy making sure they were safe. But once they were gone, everything changed. I did not see coming what was about to come. When John peeked outside, breathed in, I did the same. Once he walked out and you get that second to stare at what is infront of you, i was like fuck. Then the dead eye comes up. BRING IT. i was ready to pick these bastards off. I started from right to left. But even with a full dead eye, I wasn't sure i could get all of them. I didn't care, I'm gonna try. After the first person, I hear the beating signifying my dead eye is almost over. fuck. i have to hurry! I HAVE TO! After the fourth guy i was done. I was in such a frenzy i needed to rush i needed to kill these guys NOW. Then they just dumped all their bullets in me. It was a moment where I didn't breathe. I couldn't believe what just happened. Fuck. 
What followed was amazing. As jack my first instinct was to keep going! My father told me ride and damnit I had to. but once I realized I had no choice I rode back. Seeing Johns body was a moment of true sadness. All of the work...for nothing. 
Coming back as older Jack was a great touch. Mind you, I did NOT care for the voice acting of old Jack, the idea was great. Finally finding Ross, ready to put holes in his head was a great feeling. My one problem was the dueling. I enjoyed the dueling in the beginning of the game, but at this point, it showed its flaws. You need to shoot multiple bullets into a target before you "win". It should be, that a well placed shot to the head is all you need. Maybe theres a way of doing it but I suck. Anyways, I put the 6 bullets to his head, and waited for him to finish so my animation can begin. This waiting took away from the excitement. But When it came I was satisfied. The end shot with Jack's face and the title was amazing. I loved it. 
I honestly feel this ending came out of nowhere. I loved every minute of it. This is a game I will not be forgetting for a long time. Kudos to you Rockstar. You never disappoint.


God wants to me play PS3

so, it all started like this. I got my 360 back in 05, or 06, whatever. I've loved it, and grown up with it, so to say. Only once did I need to send it to microsoft to get it fixed. but then i realized, all of my friends are playing on ps3. So last November, I got a gift of cash, and I chose to buy my ass, a nice shiny ps3. I enjoyed it thoroughly, it allowed me to play Demon's Souls, the Uncharted Games, GoW3...but thats about it. I couldn't make the transition to ps3, since i felt 360 was so much better.  
Summer has come, meaning all the time to play video games. My 360 gets soo much attention, while my ps3 sits on the shelf above it, scolding in envy. It curses the 360 and prays for its demise. Lo and behold, someone heard its plea. I wake up one morning to find my 360 unable to play my discs. From the dashboard it says "Play DVD" even though there is a game in the tray. what do i do?! I'm certainly not on warranty anymore! oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh! I go to i try all of its recommendations. Clear cache, try without hard drive, try different games, etc....nothing works. Alas, I have come to the conclusion, I will need it to get repaired. i call up xbox customer service, there is a guy who can't speak english all that great, but tries his best and gosh darnit is a nice fellow too. He basically goes through all the recommendations again with me until we decide that it needs to be repaired. I kenw this was coming, I'm going to be out 70-80 bucks, but whatever. thats what you do for your loved ones. 
"Since youre in Canada its going to cost 149" 149? does he know an arcade xbox is 199? What am I? a 10 year old child? Fuck no I say! he replies "how about i give you a special discount" BOOYA! all the times ppl tell me "tell teh customer service guy you will take your business elsewhere, they will give you a discount" has worked! Now I will get the reasonable price instead of this guy trying to rip me off. "Ill knock 20 dollars of the price" ? THE FUCK?! so 129.99? Plus tax thats going to be around 150..damn. 
so i say to him, forget the whole thing. And now here I am, stuck between shelling out 130 to fix my xbox, buy a new one for 199, or just screw it all to hell...and play my ps3. Thus I must make a list of the pros and cons (ie. exclusives) It seems like of the games coming out, red dead redemption is the one that has caught my eye. sure, Reach seems great, its halo for christs sake, but that game alone, isnt worth a new console. Any other game of interest seems to be non exclusive anyways.. 
so what do you guys think? Should I forget about the 360, at least for now, and just switch to my ps3? :(


The Woe of finding a job

As a Uni student that finished first year, I wanted a job. I attend one of the top undergraduate business schools in Canada, Schulich School of Business. Thus, I figured landing an internship would be a walk in the park. Lo and behold, I was mistaken. Indeed the school provides a plethora of chances for someone to get a job, however, most of these jobs are for 3rd or 4th year students. On top of that, the economy is in the crapper. So basically I waived bye bye to my internship dreams. 


I never thought finding a retail job would be so challenging. I worked in a Second Cup before, and I also did some administrative work at my mom's clinic. Thats basically all the experience I have. I applied for a  job at a "marketing firm". Basically, we go to a grocery store, set up a booth, and try to sell useless shit to people. I got the job, but I really didn't want to work there. So now I'm looking for ANYTHING (except food related, of course). I'm trying EB game's but to no avail. Clothing stores aren't hiring me at all. Even the ones that I think I might be able to get, are strictly sales positions. Now for some reason, sales seems like the lowest of lows. I can't stand the thought of it, and I don't want that kind of job at all. I think I would do well at it however. I can be an energetic person, and I am pretty outgoing. But just the thought of trying to push something bugs me. 


This gets me thinking: "Am I in the right field?" I've always wanted to come to my school because its prestigious. I've always liked numbers, and I figured business would be perfect. however, after my first year, I am starting to have doubts. Don't get me wrong. Doing business activities seems exciting to me. Most notably, finance deals. Actually one dream of mine is to became the finance director of my favorite soccer team. However, my first year didn't really click all that great with me. I feel more like an outsider looking in, rather than feeling like I belong. Perhaps I am not cut out for a job in business. But what else could I do? Nothing else interests me. I'm sure being a game designer would be cool, but I hear you work like a dog, and don't even get that good of a pay. Besides that, I don't really think there is anything I'm passionate about. I suppose from business, I can get into law. Thats not really "sales" and they do make quite a bit of money. 
My thoughts on my career choice, along with the depression from not finding a job is really getting to me. I have another 4 months of school, and I can only hang out in my room for so long. anyone else in the same boat? Or felt anything similar? How did you go about solving it?
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