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I wouldn't be so quick to write-off Brasil. Without that crucial error in the first half, there might not have been a penalty shoot-out to witness. Also, while Columbia may look impressive, consider the games they played. Their group wasn't exactly the group of death. And beating a Suarez-less Uruguay team was done by Costa Rica (not to say it is an easy task, but there is a HUGE difference between Uruguay with their star man and without him).

Although Columbia will be brimming with confidence now, they are far from clinching the trophy, let alone knocking out the host nation.

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My woman fell in love with Papers, Please. So I vote for that. But first game to go come to mind:


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@spoonman671: After beating the boss i spent at least 10 minutes wondering the very thing and debating which elevator to choose. brilliant!

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@savage: luckily my dear friend dudeglove saw this and came to my rescue. Was at level 59 on PC...may ask you for help in the future if you're willing :)

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Hate this boss so much...very close to quitting. Level 60 ish if anyone wants to help a brotha out....

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Caramilk bars and Mr.Big. With poutine on the side, that is all you need.

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unghhhh 0:52. Also +1 for Gortex

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It just doesn't make sense to is favOR not favOURite. Basically American got this right

LOL whatttttt??? based on what? Your opinion? Canada is the best and the U is the greatest letter in the english, french, spanish, and german languages.

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@MildMolasses said:

So that's what the Uncharted artwork looks like from the other side