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The best game to date. Period. 0

This is by far more than a game. Its the biggest revolution in gaming since Zelda:Orcarina of Time. Let me break it up for you ----------------------------------------------------------- Gameplay: There isnt too much to say here. You walk, you talk to people, and the talking is like all RPG's you choose what you want to say, choose your response etc. Everything is normal, then comes the fighting system. Even thought it is very simple (right trigger to attack, basically) it is very effective. Tr...

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Agent 47 is back 0

Well Agent 47 is back in Hitman: Blood Money. Gameplay: Gameplay is simliar to the previous games but has some nice additions. It has buttons assigned to different actions so you don't have to scroll down in a large menu of whawt you want to do. Only problem it had was that it was one player only, but I didnt expect it to be different, so it wasnt really a problem. Graphics: I really liked the graphics. Apparently its not "next-gen" but its better than current gen graphisc which makes it n...

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The first COD on next-gen 0

I've never been much for war games, they usually end up too complicated, or too realistic that its just not fun. This game, on the other hand, is Amazing. All of the sounds really make you feel like your in a war. The sounds ofa grenade exploding, or shots being fired, soldiers yelling out commands, or if they spot an enemy. It is really realistic, in a good way. It makes you feel like your there, which is what I was looking for. Graphics are great. The environments are very well done. The onl...

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Fun at the time 0

Good time for the World Cup. Great buy if have Football Fever. Graphics are solid, nothing spectacular, nothing too choppy. Sounds is great. I loved the commentating. Good sounds overall, really brings the experience to life. Gameplay is good. It plays like most other football games. Nothing new that you havent seen. Can be really fun at times. You can start a world cup with any team at all. So you can spend some times starting your own, crazy, world cup with a friend or what not. This e...

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Great game to release some anger 0

I have never bought a boxing game before. But After I downloaded the FNR3 demo, I just had to buy it the next day. This game is unbelivable. The first thing you will notice is the remarkable graphics. The boxers jsut look so real. You can actually see the sweat on the boxers during the fight. And when you punch someone you can see the sweat and his blood gush out from him. hahaha. The only problem with the graphics are everyone else, for example the girl that hold the card saying what round it ...

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The Prince is back, from the past 0

Prince of Persia Classic is basically the same Prince of Persia game that we have all grown to love. But this time around it has gotten a major graphical upgrade. Gameplay: In this game you basically have to climb, run, jump, and even walk your way past trap-filled mazes. You can do almost all of the actions that you could do in Prince of Persia Sands of Time. The aspect of the gameplay that stands out the most is the sword fighting. When you first start fighting you will be pretty bad at it an...

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The sequel that still holds up 0

Halo 2. What can you say. You either hate it or love it. Just like Halo:Combat Evolved. Many say this sequel was a complete let down and was overhyped. But the majority of xbox owners love this game and waste-spent a great deal of hours on this game. Gameplay: What can you say. Bungie mastered it. The gameplay is perfect. I can't think of one thing wrong with it. It is what you expect from a FPS. It has a number of different guns, grenades, sticky grenades and of course the energy blade. Which ...

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The game that started it all 0

Halo: Combat Evolved released in 2001 as an Xbox launch game. This game is by far the best launch game ever. Gameplay: Excellent gameplay. One of the best FPS games ever, especially for its time. The AI is intelligent and the game mechanics itself is just immersive. There are a lot of weapons to choose from including different kinds of grenades. There are also a number of vehicles to be driven and to be ridden. Graphics: Best graphics I've seen from a 2001 game and prior. The designs are outst...

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The best GTA rip-off 0

Saints Row is a sand box type game, similar to Grand Theft Auto series. You start off creating your own character through character customization. You can choose the race, the facial feature sizes, etc. This customization is quite detailed but just not interesting. I didn't really care to much on how my character looked because the options didn't really change him all that much. Gameplay: Nothing wrong in this department. Its open ended world. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. Yo...

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The most unique game you will play this gen 0

The Darkness. A game about a mobster who receives this terrible curse, "The Darkness". Plot: You play as the protagonist, Jackie Estacado. You are a hitman for a big mob family. On your 21st birthday you end up failing a mission you were sent out on, and are perceived as a traitor to the family. Of course one man cannot take on entire mob, so you inherit the Darkness. The darkness is a demon that takes control of your body. With it, you receive unbelievable power, which you can use against your...

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