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No love for Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri? The greatest of all the civ games? :( I am a sad panda. I play SMACX every now and then because the writing and world building are fantastic. The original xcom with the fan patch that lets you actually change the difficulty (there was a bug in nearly all versions where when you changed the difficulty it didn't change) a still a great game although I think Xenonauts has finally replaced it.

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@kcin: When I read your first line 'I would guess that people with PCs are probably the so-called "whales" of gaming.' I thought you meant that all PC gamers were big spenders.

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@kcin: People with PC's are not whales. They don't have endless money to spend on games. Most PC gamer that I know don't own a console, they just own a PC. I use a PC cause I work in IT and because it's cheaper and more convenient for me to game that way. I buy all my games in steam sales for 75% off and I get to buy a huge variety of games for a pittance. I upgrade every 5 years or so and spend 300 - 400 but I save that in sales over those years. And while I have my PC hooked up to my TV, I also hav eit connected to a monitor in the sitting room. That way my missus can watch TV shows, I can game and we can still spend time together.

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Have you checked for an over heating issue? You could try installing a tool to monitor your cpu and gpu temp and see what they are spiking at.

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I use adblock and everything plays fines on Giantbomb. Is there any chance that you accidentally set it to block videos from giantbomb (if I remember correctly you can configure what it blocks) ?

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I hate to be a downer but there isn't a hope in hell of you getting a mod like that to work. You'd probably have an easier time making a real time version of civ using old civ 2 art assets from the groud up.

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@bhlaab: Except Jeff was wrong. I love Fallout 1 & 2 and thought 3 was pretty good. New Vegas was where it was at for me though. And a lot of that was the integration of the skills into the conversation options. If this is becoming Mass Effect I am going to be really bummed. THere are a million shooters out there with perks. Not everything needs to be that. Give me some variety.

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No. It's built to be played mp. You could probably muddle through a lot of it but it wouldn't be fun. It's also only about 5 or 6 hours long I think.

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If you set up a new steam account for him and install the games then he can play them offline.

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A lot of the games being recommended are more tactical games - Valkyria Chronicles, XCOM etc. (Both of which are awesome :) ).

If you want strategy then go for Civ V, Total War or maybe Crusader Kings or Europa Universalis? For a beginner I would definitely go for Civ V but the Total War series isn't as intimidating as some people think. They just have a strategic layer and a tactical layer.It can be hard to keep track of what's going on in the strategic layer especially with your agents, but there is an ordered list that you can bring up and work your way through to ensure that they all get moved each turn. Your best bet might be to play the short campaign as opposed to the grand campaign as you might finish that in 30 hours or so instead of 100+ !

A lot of people recommend Shogun 2 but I find it to be very boring and would recommend Medieval 2 or Rome 1 over it. They both have much more interesting strategic maps and better long term goals (crusades and mongol invasions in Medieval, Roman Civil War in Rome). Shogun is just beat the other guys on the little island :(