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But c'mon, give the zombie thing a rest.

Everyone should give the zombie thing a rest. It's done.

The zombie thing isn't done. If it was done then they wouldn't be selling zombie games hand over fist. You might be tired of them but that is a different thing.

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I tried getting into Rothfuss but I can't do the "super powerful chosen one" stuff any more. Now Joe Abercrombie's work, that is a good direction for fantasy novels - ultra violence and characters full realised as shitty people!

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Your disc drive is fucked. The discs aren't being read. If it won't read any discs then you'll need to get a new drive, they're pretty cheap.

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I got a few of them too but I also ignored them (never accept friend requests from randoms) and they stopped.

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Do you remember this fucking game? It was pulled from Steam for being a broken mess and for the fact that the developer straight up lied in the features list. And then the cunt lied about lying? It has sold 2.8 million copies. What the unholy fuck.

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@joshwent: Actually Dan has said that he finds it stupid how DDP uses American football and wrestling terms instead of their actual names

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Also, they are space nazis that hate aliens.

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@bollard: Check if the content is till listed in steam as being installed. If not, then you should have no problem. if it is try removing and see what happens.

In the case of other progs, try and uninstall them through the control panel and see what happens.

Sorry I can't be more specific but you need to play around with it a bit and see what happens. I hope you get it sorted dude.

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@chobobot: Get one of those hand exercisers or a hard rubber ball and use it a couple of times a day. I find it really helps work out any aches or pains I get in my wrist from using a mouse.

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Everyone knows Mario is dead, Luigi shanked him in a fit of violent rage and now he's just two Toads in a Mario suit.