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@crusader8463: "But anyone that has reached a point in their life that they are terribly out of shape it's most likely due to a sever emotional and/or psychology reason"

What are you basing this on? Cause it sounds like a load of fucking bullshit. Most people are hugely over weight cause they eat too much fucking food. In most developed and developing society's we can buy huge amounts of fatty shitty food for fuck all. And it tastes good so people eat too much of it. Not every fat man has to have an tragic back story, some of them just like to eat all pies and wash them down with 10 pints 4 nights a week. In fact, most fat people I know are pretty fucking jolly about the whole thing. You really are making a sweeping generalisation based your personal struggle with weight gain.

In fairness though, that guy saying that all people need to do to stay in shape is walk for 15 minutes a day, is so far away with the fairies that he coudln't see reality from the top of Pixie Mountain using a pair of enchanted binoculars.

Both of ye are discounting genetic factors, the mother's diet during pregnancy, the effects of childhood obesity and the fact that some where in the back of the brain where the monsters live there's a voice thtat tells you to eat everything you can becasue tomorrow you might have to starve.

Oh, as regards to your original post, of course the people selling you things are lying to you. This applies to everybody, everywhere at every point in the history of the world.

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@quarters: Fair enough, to each their own :)

I used to replay games a lot but then I got to a point where I had more games than time. Now, the only games I replay are deep strategy games. Everything else goes in my finished folder in steam and I uninstall it.

Anyway, have a good day dude and enjoy Infamous. Oh, and try the dark side some time, the bad guys get all the girls/boys/aliens :D

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@quarters: Then why not just pick one at the start? Why the periodic prompts?

As a side note, do many people reply these games? I mean, if you finish it as a villain do you replay it as a good guy? Do people do that in games with karma systems? I get it if you get a radically different experience but the only time I've experienced that was in the second act of the witcher 2. I don't see why you'd do it for something like Infamous.

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The problem isn't so much that the binary system is too simple (it is though), it's that they tie it to your powers so there is no advantage to being gray. If you try to be a middle of the road kind of person you lock yourself out of abilities. So you really only make one choice right at the start and that's it. They might as well start the game and go "Hey there, red or blue? Just pick one" and then leave out all the other choices because you will never pick the bad option if you started good. It makes the whole thing pointless.

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The 360 controller is a really good controller. I'd say get that one, prices will (hoperfully) come down and you could pick up a few of them for some local mp. I haven't used the xbone controller but from everything I've read, it's not considered to be superior (open to corrections on that)

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You don't know how to sort out a fight you had with your missus over a lighter? Get a fucking grip man, what are you gonna do when ye're having fights over mortgages, babies and interior decor? Seriously, if you need to go talk to the imaginary people who live in the internets for this shit then you're gonna need UN fucking intervention when you grow up.

And you do need to grow up pal. Stop crowd sourcing solutions to imaginary problems and stop using chilhood anger issues as a crutch for being a bit of a dick. If you don't sort this shit out, life is gonna fucking ruin you when you have real problems to deal with.

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@artikay: Wait til you finally get to the boss. I must have fought him a dozen times before I beat him. And once I did I never played it again :)

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Sid meier's Alpha Centauri (the best Civ game!)

Fallout 1 & 2

Jagged Alliance 2

I would recommend red alert 2 over 3, but that's just perosnal preference. It was more serious while still being pretty silly :)

Dungeon Keeper maybe?

You shoudl probably check out GOG for ideas.

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@development: Jagged Alliance 2 has permadeath, it's also pretty tough in the early stages, especially if you play iron man. You could also try xenonauts, it's a remake of the original x-com that's still in early access I think.

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@mest30: Hey dude, haptic feed back or no, forget about playing TW or Civ with the Steam controller. Those games need a mouse. You also need to be pretty close to the screen to play them, they really benefit from a traditional PC setup. I play them on my TV sometimes and the screen is just too big or something, it's hard to see what's going on.