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@arabes: Uhm, you do know that big Island, the one with England, Wales AND Scotland is called Great Britain right? And that there is no region just called "Britain" that excludes Scotland. So if you want to be overly technical, anyone from England Scotland or Wales can call themselves "British" if they so choose. Also I think you should know that the official demonym for people from the United Kingdom (i.e. not only England Scotland and Wales, but Northern Ireland too) is British. I suggest you think very carefully before posting a big long rant full of nonsense.

Great Britain

Great Britain is the official collective name of of England, Scotland and Wales and their associated islands. It does not include Northern Ireland and therefore should never be used interchangeably with ‘UK’ – something you see all too often.

Here at Ordnance Survey, we’re responsible for mapping Great Britain, which is why we don’t make maps of Northern Ireland.

Technically, if you lose the ‘Great,’ Britain only refers to England and Wales.

You see that last line there in italics. This is an extract from the British Ordinance survey web page. And seeing as how they do all the maps for Great Britain I'll take their word for it over yours. If you'd bothered to read the post then you would see that everything I said there I took from their page. Oh and starting your posts with "Uhm" makes you seem like a bigger dick head than you probably are.

@diamonddog: Whether or not you are British doesn't matter, what I put up there were the definitions as laid down by your government, not you. Why don't you read the post before you start talking out of your ass.

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I just wanted to clear up something that came up in a thread that was running about who Danny O'Dwyer was. It related to defining where a person comes from for them to be British. It's also large aimed the moderator above who locked the thread, but not before giving his 2 cents which was misinformed.

Being from the British isles England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales + 5000 odd islands) does not make some one British. Being from Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) does not make someone British. Being from Britain (England & Wales) makes someone British. It's names after the collective name for the tribes displaced by the Anglo Saxon invasion. They were pushed into Wales by Germanic invaders way back in the day.

Being in the the United Kingdom (The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) also does not make you British unless you are from England or Wales.

This post doesn't come from place of bigotry or republicanism I just fucking hate it when people talk about things they know nothing about. I have plenty of British relatives (although they would refer to themselves as English) and have no issue with people from anywhere in the world.

The source for my information on this is the British Ordinance Survey group.

Rant Complete.

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If you're playing Crysis I would say skip 2. I got it on sale recently and it's a poor game compared to both it's predecessor and sequel. The AI is really bad and once I got to the sewers and shot an... NPC? It wasn't a baddy, just a some sort of infected guy, not sure what you'd call him. Anyway, I shot him in the head and he didn't die or flinch. He just stood there muttering. At that point I uninstalled the game and put it in my "Shit" folder in steam.

Also, they scrapped all the crazy physics stuff from the first one, no more punching through walls and throwing people into the sky. Ya, the first one was a pretty great game but 2 was just kind of a shitty knock off of it. The stand alone expansion for the first one was also really good.

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Dead Rising 3 is so boring. But then again I found 1 and 2 to be pretty boring too so take that as you will. Day Z however, is one of the most emotionally intensive and harrowing games I've ever played. It evokes a genuine emotional response in me that I have never gotten from any other game. It is definitely fairly broken and will probably never come out, but if you want a new experience I would go for that. If you want a known quantity that you have essentially played before then get Dead Rising (don't misunderstand me, there's nothing wrong with that, haute cuisine is fantastic but sometimes I just want to eat instant noodles)

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@choffy: That's not what he means by conduits.He's talking about sheathing that you can adhere to the wall to hide your cables. What you are talking about is an ethernet over power adapter. They work fine, they just use the copper power cabling to transmit data. You plug them into the power point and run your ethernet from there.

Your router isn't affecting your speed, 5 years old isn't old for a router. You need to plug your laptop/desktop/whatever into your router and do a few speed tests at different times of the day. If you are not getting close to what you are paying for at any time, contact your ISP and fuck them out of it until you speak to a manager who'll do something nice for you.

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You could check out The Owner trilogy by Neal Asher, his other sci-fi is also good cyber punk stuff but set a few hundred years in the future.

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@sethphotopoulos: That's because you weren't sitting with someone who knoew how to play when you were learning. If someone is learning something new and they are with a person who knows how to do it - they'll ask questions. If they are alone, they'll figure it out on their own (assuming we're not talking about nuclear physics or molecular biochemistry or something). They can figure it out on their own but will ask questions as that is usually the easier path.

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@tennmuerti: I agree with you man, FTL isn't about luck, it's about flexibility. If you are waiting to get a specific build, you're doing it wrong. The skill in FTL comes from being able to use the tools at your disposal to win the battle regardless.

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@crusader8463: "But anyone that has reached a point in their life that they are terribly out of shape it's most likely due to a sever emotional and/or psychology reason"

What are you basing this on? Cause it sounds like a load of fucking bullshit. Most people are hugely over weight cause they eat too much fucking food. In most developed and developing society's we can buy huge amounts of fatty shitty food for fuck all. And it tastes good so people eat too much of it. Not every fat man has to have an tragic back story, some of them just like to eat all pies and wash them down with 10 pints 4 nights a week. In fact, most fat people I know are pretty fucking jolly about the whole thing. You really are making a sweeping generalisation based your personal struggle with weight gain.

In fairness though, that guy saying that all people need to do to stay in shape is walk for 15 minutes a day, is so far away with the fairies that he coudln't see reality from the top of Pixie Mountain using a pair of enchanted binoculars.

Both of ye are discounting genetic factors, the mother's diet during pregnancy, the effects of childhood obesity and the fact that some where in the back of the brain where the monsters live there's a voice thtat tells you to eat everything you can becasue tomorrow you might have to starve.

Oh, as regards to your original post, of course the people selling you things are lying to you. This applies to everybody, everywhere at every point in the history of the world.

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@quarters: Fair enough, to each their own :)

I used to replay games a lot but then I got to a point where I had more games than time. Now, the only games I replay are deep strategy games. Everything else goes in my finished folder in steam and I uninstall it.

Anyway, have a good day dude and enjoy Infamous. Oh, and try the dark side some time, the bad guys get all the girls/boys/aliens :D