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$75?!?! Are they crazy?

YEP! I was very much on-board until I saw that it will cost me $75.

That price is for kickstarter tiear backer parity,the final price isn´t gonna be $75.

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This is the best game ever made.

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Looks actually much better than I thought it would. Seemed like Jeff and Brad were kinda looking for things to complain about but still managed to have a decent time with it.

Pretty much,it looks like a good game and the reaction from Brad and Jeff just feels the same as they usually have for these types of games,however Destiny seems to be the one they like...I wonder why...

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@professor_t said:

Terminator 2 is universally considered to be a superior film than Terminator 1. It is also more enjoyable and one of the greatest films ever made. The End.

universally considered? don't think so.....

terminator metacritic 84/100

terminator 2 metacritic 64/100

terminator 2 (like aliens) is great popcorn blockbuster action stuff, but terminator (and alien) are the better quality films.

So much this.

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This game has a bug where there's a chance it lowers the audio slider anytime you go into the controls menu.

If only Drew could clone himself so he could be both in the video and in the control room, because control room Drew would not have let this entire video record with basically no game audio.

Rorie was in the control room,he should´ve made it louder.

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@timing: Yeah, I thought it was gonna be Uyama when I saw it on the schedule.

Same here,I was expecting Uyama.

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Dear lord,the controls and general movement with a gamepad feel horrendous...

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This reminded me a lot more of the amazing Nitronic Rush(and its upcoming spiritual sequel,Distance) than any SF Rush game to be honest,at least at first.

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The Sanctum guys must be pissed.

They´re probably busy counting all the money Goat Simulator is making them.

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I actually recently installed Thief Gold with HD texture mod. Along with The Dark Mod in preparation for this.


Yeah,but to be fair it was expected,besides you´re very well served with those as far as stealth games are concerned,and if it´s your first time going through them don´t forget to have a go at Thief 2: The Metal Age wich is not only the best in the series but in most ways still the best stealth experience ever made.