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Regardless of what happens until the end of the race,Alonso is being really impressive with a car that is clearly slower than everyone else around him,I guess it´s no surprise that so many people consider him the best driver in the field. Raikkonen clearly has no pace for him.

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@t0ffe said:

@arach666: Yeah, I'm afraid this season is going to be over early if it keeps looking like this. And I really don't like Hamilton so I hope Rosberg takes the championship if it comes down to Mercedes!

Yeah,I´m not a fan of Hamilton myself but I don´t think Rosberg can beat him on the long run,what´s more likely to happen is what did happen in 2009 when the last big car design change happened and back then Jenson Button(Brawn) was able to dominate about half of the season and then the others started to catch up and he didn´t win a single race the second half of the season,but it still was enough considering the massive points haul he got early on,so one can only hope that the others cacth on faster because if not,we have what looks like an even more boring season than last year(as far as the title fight is concerned that is),with even bigger domination from one team.

If we act like Mercedes doesn´t exist though,there´s a tremendous ammount of balance between almost everyone,so it looks like the battles from 3rd and down will be pretty exciting at least.

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This Mercedes is so far ahead of the competition just like McLaren was in 1998(to be fair,in 98 the difference was even bigger with the McLarens lapping everyone up to third place on the first couple of races),the difference is that this time there isn´t a Schumacher to balance the competition and take the fight for the championship against a far better car(and Hakkinen) until the end.

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Considering your situation it´s clear to me that SP Stick of Truth is the best choice.

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I´m on the fence for this one until I see some PC reviews of it,hopefully the crew will cover it in a quick look but honestly,I doubt they will.

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Couple of hours tops,there´s some exceptions(especially if I start playing a Paradox game)but in general that´s how long I can take these days without having a break.

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Just watched it,it was actually a pretty great show,gamespot is in the right path.

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Vinny mentioned before they were looking into playing Yakuza 3/4,I feel those two games would fit perfectly for an ER,strong on story and ridiculousness and the gameplay isn´t annoying at all,I´d love to see them play those.

A typical JRPG doesn´t seem like a good fit for an ER,I personally wasn´t a fan of the Chrono Trigger ER.

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