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Looking for some people who play this regularly, just recently got it and can't put it down!

PSN: WakizashiBLADE

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What a cock tease. An announcement about practically nothing. No details on what the box actually is, price, specs, or even a ballpark.

I don't see why you wouldn't want a PC instead of this. If it's sole purpose is a streaming box, that's fine I guess, but it's pretty obvious they want it to do more. Also creating an open platform "games console", when the hardware is flexible, the OS is flexible, at what point to we come back to just having a Windows machine, because that plays all my games.

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What the actual fuck. Wow.

I've been following Ryans work for over a decade now. I can't believe this. Ah shit. The gaming press lost someone irreplaceable today. Holy shit, I'm so sad...

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Only a few more days until pay day and getting this. I expected this to be good, but the reviews are outstanding so far. Consider my future money spent. Besides can't think of games I want to play over the next couple of months.

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Will this be streamed or at least recorded and uploaded to the site later? Would like to see this, but not in the country.

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This is great news I think, means I don't have to debate between playing The Last of Us or this, not to mention the imminent glut of games from March... so yeah, more times for games. The back end of the year was looking pretty slim anyway.

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@Young_Scott: Fair enough. I keep my expectations tempered and certainly am not running out to buy a Wii U anytime soon. Maybe when there is an actual back catalog of games and we see more on Zelda and Mario.

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@CH3BURASHKA: It might be good if there were a Quicklook hybrid, where the person playing it had completed and essentially reviewed the game. They could then play through an hour or so of the game with someone who was less familiar and discuss all the good and bad and how they felt about the game overall. In think that could lead to a somewhat more informed discussion during the quicklook, which informed itself based on extensive play experience.

Personally I don't find quick looks go into enough depth to let me know if I want to buy the game. It's cool to see some of the mechanics and the game for an extended period of time, but it's often without the critical eye or reflection that a quicklook provides. I much rather read a review and then go consume media if I am interested further.

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And people go mental...

Seriously though reading reactions around the internet, is crazy. People ask Nintendo to do something new, they announce nothing more but a HD remake and franchise sequels and now everybody is frothing at the mouth... I guess people cannot be expected to actually in action reflect their opinions.

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As someone who works in the industry I don't feel that paid overtime is the way to go. I have only been working in the industry for a couple of years, but it can encourage very sloppy productivity as people know they get paid for the excessive hours (or I have seen it happen). Compensation I agree with, however there are other ways a company can reward its employees for long hours and hard work. It is not all about monetary compensations. Long holidays afterwards, or other benefits can help alleviate crunch stress.
Unions I think are an issue that I think is not a problem but would simply require a change in the employment systems found within the US. I have worked in Europe thus far and depending on the country everyone gets a Union even qualified professionals. Just because we are educated does not mean we don't want a large body to support us for any wrong doing, it just makes sense. 
Wages are always up for discussion, as long as they provide good quality of life for the effort put into work I don't think that's the issue. In general I think the average for permanent employees is correct as stated by pachter, still it doesn't mean we don't deserve unions or organizations to fight for our well being at work.
Finally regarding the reason peoples salaries should cover the work they do is because profit pools, bonuses, etc can be very selectively offered to specific people, which is really not fair, when games take the effort of everyone involved to pull their weight. Even for Mega titles, do you think everyone who helps build and support World of Warcraft is privy to profit pools? I somehow doubt it.