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Done and done!

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Just let it go duders

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I hope this happens all the time

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If my math is right...and it rarely is...that would be 7pm Japan Standard Time...I might actually get one this time!

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Probably a long shot on this one, mostly because as I describe it, it could literally be any game...but here goes.

It was a ps1 jrpg. Don't remember anything about the story but I remember that the main character would ride around in a two legged steam powered robot. I believe it also took place in the sky. Sorry I don't remember anything else about the game but I figured it was worth a shot.

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A service where I can rent old ps1 games that I haven't played in years or games that I missed...I'm sold. I guess this means I'm gonna buy a ps4 a little sooner than I thought.

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Holy bad! I totally didn't even check this because I didn't see any notifications. I just figured no one was going.

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Any duders that live in Japan going to the Tokyo Game Show? If so we should meet up, hang out, stand around awkwardly with our non GB friends, and then never speak of the moment again!

But seriously. Is anyone going? I'm going to be there with a a few friends. It would be cool to meet up with other duders.