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Holy bad! I totally didn't even check this because I didn't see any notifications. I just figured no one was going.

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Any duders that live in Japan going to the Tokyo Game Show? If so we should meet up, hang out, stand around awkwardly with our non GB friends, and then never speak of the moment again!

But seriously. Is anyone going? I'm going to be there with a a few friends. It would be cool to meet up with other duders.


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@gavingt: Wow...I almost forgot about Funky Barn!

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Whoa whoa whoa...Zoo Tycoon?? I'm in!

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Cue all the people walking into Gamestop...

"Excuse me, where are the 2ds games?"

"Oh Well, the 2ds plays 3ds games so here is the 3ds section."

"Yes, but I have a 2ds...I need 2ds games" get the point.

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Yeah, it`s totally weird. I never met him in person but I`ve been on gamespot since 2003...and followed them all over to Giantbomb. 11 years of content (20 to 31 years old now) I`m old! I`ve been living in Japan for a couple years and it makes it hard to get a lot of content in English (legally haha) and I was always cracking up on the train listening to the Bombcast. I feel like I`ve lost a friend...I`m sure we all do...It won`t be the same...very sad.

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I've been a huge fan for many years. Living in a foreign country it's hard to hear people speaking English and this sight and the Bombcast have kept me sane the past couple years. Hearing your voice on the train going to work, laughing about the ridiculousness of video games, or trying to get a conversation back on topic will be sorely missed. My prayers go out to everyone. This is a great loss.

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After listening to the podcast I was kinda starting to see the reason behind the always on and drm stuff. I wonder how publishers are going to react. Especially now that they can't rely on the cloud for computing power. I guess we'll see.

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