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: How do you guys like teaching ESL? I'm looking at teaching in Korea but haven't really found many good places or the good ones want someone more experienced. How do you find the pay vs. living expenses? Did you guys know Japanese before arriving? Do they pay for your plane flight?

I love teaching. I work for a dispatch company (you`ll have to decide if that`s the route you want to go) and it was as simple as applying and interviewing. Dispatch companies have a history of hiring ANYONE, so even with no teaching experience you can get a job teaching for most companies. I can`t really complain about the pay. I was teaching part time and didn`t have a full time job in the states so yeah. I also don`t live in a big city (Tokyo, Osaka etc) so the cost of living is a little better. I have a pretty comfortable lifestyle, but I`m also not providing for a family at this point so I can easily get by on what I make. I didn`t know much Japanese before getting here (still don`t know a ton) but I teach English so the company I work for doesn`t care (they will pay you more if you can pass some tests). I also had to pay for my flight over here.

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@MiniPato: haha...sorry man! I must be off my game. I`m at work and thought you were serious...this is like Thanksgiving dinner all over again!

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@MiniPato: wow...sorry...I hit the wrong reply button. If you can take a joke then why fly off the handle so quickly? I just wanted to see what duders lived in Japan. That`s all. I was simply responding to what I felt was a stupid comment. Sorry, I thought it was from you. Either way I`m not mad at anyone just annoyed (the same as you obviously) that people some how thing Japan is this big freakin circus. A person watches one anime and assumes that is exactly how Japan is. Or they watch one porno and assume there are chicks on every corner dressed like bears just pining for someone to have sex with them. It`s 2013 and I get really annoyed when anyone just assumes that `Japan is soooo foreign and crazy` just because it is different than their culture. So, again I`m sorry you are pissed.

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@Funkydupe: As far as I know, no. They are running the iphone 5 on 4ge lte...but I can tell you the internet (which is all fiber) is blazing! When I called to sign up they said my slowest speeds might be 100Mbs...and asked if that was OK...after I picked myself up off the floor I agreed! I`m at work right now so I`m only pulling 25Mbs

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@PandaBear: I live in a town with a nuclear power plant. I also used to live near 3 mile island before moving here. I`m not all that worried. They do monthly tests (and have been for years) and publish all the results. I guess I should be a little worried but I figure they are concerned enough with public health and safety...

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@Video_Game_King: I think it`s because a huge percent of the population is rather old...Japan is pretty low tech which is odd. People still religiously use day planners, fax machines, etc when more advanced options exist. Although, I can`t really blame them...when was the last time a day planners battery died...

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@MiniPato: Yeah I love jokes. But it gets old when people like to perpetuate stupid stereotypes. Not everyone is dressed like a furry, and there isn`t anime music playing constantly. Now every girl wearing a school girl uniform...that we can talk about! Cause that`s everywhere! haha

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@Funkydupe: You can get cheap prepaid phones. Real phones cost about the same price (as in the states). It sucks because right now I only have a 1 year visa so when applying for a phone they look at that like you are only going to stay in Japan for 1 year and will make you pay for the phone all upfront. It`s fine if you plan on spending the money up front.

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@MiniPato: Sounds like fun...considering they are both illegal things. Used pantie vending machines have been illegal for many years and if you CAN get away with the train garbage go for it. You`ll get caught soon enough. Go, troll somewhere else.

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@I_Stay_Puft: I know right! There are a couple stores near me that have tons of Dreamcast and Saturn games...all around a buck apiece!