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@MiniPato: Sounds like fun...considering they are both illegal things. Used pantie vending machines have been illegal for many years and if you CAN get away with the train garbage go for it. You`ll get caught soon enough. Go, troll somewhere else.

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@I_Stay_Puft: I know right! There are a couple stores near me that have tons of Dreamcast and Saturn games...all around a buck apiece!

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@pornstorestiffi: I work here. You guessed it, I teach English! But yeah, I guess I could have introduced bad.

I live in Tokai which is about an hour and a half north of Tokyo (by express train). I teach English at a public school and I also teach some business classes and a major electronics manufacturer. So, if you ever buy a blu-ray player with a poorly translated manual it was probably one of my students! I didn't really have much culture shock because this is my third time to Japan. This time being a more permanent basis.

Also, not to break anyone's heart but Japan is pretty normal...once you get settled in. Places like Akihabara, Shinjuku, and Harajuku are always crazy but mostly because they are huge tourist spots. I live in a pretty rural town.

If you are interested I vlog on youtube so here it is my shameless self promotion!

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Hey what's up guys and gals. Just wondering if there are any fellow giant bombers that live in Japan. Here's hoping I'm not the only one!

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I played it but only for a short time. It was really an awesome idea. You would get phone calls and emails from people inside the game trying to help you out. The story was the pretty typical conspiracy theory stuff but what made the game was getting calls on my cell phone and random emails. My only problem was I was still living with my parents at the time and they only had dial up. The lag on the videos was so insane that I couldn't deal with it so I stopped playing. It was such a cool premise and I honestly wish someone would do something like this again. Imagine playing a game online and offline. It might be annoying getting calls at work but who cares it's part of the game!

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Love these stories...thanks Patrick!!

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Such a talented man...sorry to hear of his passing.

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I have no problem spending every dime I have on this!

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