I play modern games and apologize thusly (Resident Evil 6)

As of June 29th (which coincidentally happened to be when I posted my previous blog) I have been doing this for 4 years. What. I… what? Man. Starting from a rather basic write-up about how Goldeneye was ok despite having aged rather poorly, to that time I accidentally talked about fighting games and it blew up in my face, to that time (last week) where some prick said I came off as an “over-privileged teenager” because I didn’t especially like Jade Empire, I’ve written a lot of these, guys, and I’m not stopping yet. Blogging has been a reliable constant between me being in high-school, starting college, doing poorly in college and now taking a break from college so I can figure out what I want to do with my life. I’d also like to express my appreciation for Ryan Davis, another constant in my life whose presence has sadly been cut short, leaving a hole in Giant Bomb, like a cake without someone to sit on it, or a metaphor without a comparison that makes sense. Other people have said it better and more eloquently than me, so I’ll stop there. I'll miss you Ryan Davis, for as much as I can miss someone I've never met.

Also video games:

Yes I have moved on to playing Chrono Cross, no that blog isn’t going to be for a while. The only thing I can say for certain at this point is that I like it so far, but I’m also clearly not that far in. I get the impression that Chrono Cross isn’t incredibly long the way some PS1-era JRPGs are (it’s no Dragon Quest VII, for example), but I still fully expect to spend more time than desired on this particular game.

I'll give you a hint: Pick Autocracy. No one has ever gone wrong with that philosophy, no siree.

Unlike Gods and Kings, whose biggest additions were two mechanics from previous Civ games and some small but important tweaks to combat and diplomacy, Brave New World seems to be more interested in fundamental changes aimed at making the endgame more interesting as well as adding civilizations that benefit from these changes, such as Brazil being geared towards the new cultural victory (double tourism output during a golden age) and Morocco getting larger bonuses from trade routes. Venice is probably the most interesting civ, since they can’t settle new cities and can only expand through puppet states. While this would seem a crippling handicap, they also get double the number of trade routes and have unique great merchants who get double bonuses from trade missions and are also capable of annexing city-states. Between these and the ability to purchase units in puppet states, I had an inordinate amount of money by the end of my game, allied with every city-state and capable of pumping out armies for absurdly low prices. Between all of these things, I think it safe to say that I’ll be putting a couple dozen more hours into Civ V in the near future.

But that’s not what you came for.

I attempt to explain my thoughts about a video game:

Much like me giving Dragon Age 2 the light of day, I feel the need to preface this with "Sorry?"

I don’t hate Resident Evil 6. Despite everything that convinced me to wait for the price to drop to $20, despite its blatant, overbearing problems, I’ve mostly enjoyed my time with it. Hell, I’ll go one step further and say that I liked it more than Dead Space 3, a mediocre slog that will only be remembered as a footnote to the first two games, and also that part where the moon was a necromorph.At least when Resident Evil 6 is bad, it’s not from a lack of trying. And try it does. Oh, it’s misguided both from what influences it takes from big-budget western games and from what it takes from the Resident Evil franchise as a whole, but as an expensive, big dumb action game I had my moments with it.

Despite being touted as the first Resident Evil game with both Chris and Leon... they have exactly two scenes together

And that’s really what it should be called. Resident Evil 4 may have brought the series into the realm of modernity, but it was still a very deliberately paced title that still used a lot of series hallmarks and had a gloomy atmosphere on top of that. Resident Evil 5 added co-op and thus removed a lot of the slower, quieter moments with only one real puzzle to speak of, but the shooting still created tension and encouraged a slow, deliberate style of play. Resident Evil 6 says “Eff that noise, here are explosions. Also you can roll?” Ok, that’s a bit reductive, because of the way that the stories are split. Leon’s campaign is probably the closest to the older Resident Evil games, Chris’ campaign wants to be Gears of War, Jake’s campaign has a bunch of poorly-conceived set-pieces and Ada’s campaign is more puzzle focused. All of them have explosions and QTE sequences at some point.Jake and Sherry probably have the worst lot of the bunch, with some particularly terrible forced stealth and vehicle sequences sandwiched in-between them being chased by a guy who definitely isn’t Nemesis and those parts were probably my least favorite… until I started Ada’s campaign and realized that her stuff was probably the worst. Leon and Chris have it relatively better in that department, a rather hilarious and out of place sequence where Chris fights a giant invisible snake notwithstanding (the only way that would've been ok is if Chris mentioned his previous experience fighting giant zombie snakes). Still, the game loves itself some insta-death QTEs in a world where games have finally, finally started moving past “press X to not die”. I should probably note that they made QTEs easier at some point than they were at launch, but that doesn’t mean that some of them weren’t a bit too much.

The part where you're stuck in a snowstorm? Probably the worst part... until you get to the rest of that chapter. I'll go as far as to call Jake chapter 2 the worst part of the entire game.

The combat is sort of bad but I like it anyways? Oh, it’s still Resident Evil inasmuch as melee attacks and aiming for the head are incentivized, but you can still dump like a madman and get away with it for the most part. The real problem comes from the part where the camera is too close to your character. While from the outside this seems like a rather superfluous thing, not being able to see enemies behind you is rather crippling. Add the swimmy camera and the non-laser sight based aiming and you can understand why my initial reaction to this game was unflinchingly negative. But then I got used to the controls and the way the shooting worked and I will fully admit to sort of liking it. At least Capcom tried something different, between the larger focus on recoil, the way you can defensively roll and the quick shot. Does it necessarily work out all the way? No. No it does not, for reasons any given negative review can tell you about. Melee attacks will sometimes miss despite the prompt showing, zombies love to jump on you for a guaranteed one damage and the part where you sometimes have to take cover is sort of crummy.

The story is well produced with motion-captured actors doing far better performances talking about B.O.W.s and similar insanity than RE6 probably deserved. Between Leon being snarky, Chris being incredibly angry, Jake being Troy Baker and Ada being mysterious and sassy… I have to admit that it works. Better than Revelations’ bizarre story at any rate. Not exactly Oscar-winning material, but this is proof that raw money can make something inherently dumb into something watchable. I don’t even care that some crucial plot details are hidden away as bonus content. Resident Evil stories have always required a bit of irony to enjoy and the absurdity involving a clone of Ada and Jake being Wesker’s son are just par for the course in my book. Neo Umbrella. Just saying.

And that’s about it. I’m not going to pretend that RE6 is a good game by any stretch of the imagination, but there’s a certain elegance to its badness that I’ve latched onto. That, or I subconsciously conditioned myself to not hate this game because it has the Resident Evil name, which also seems quite possible at this point. Either way, with that RE 1.5 restoration project moving ahead quite nicely, it’s safe to say that even those who disliked this game have something with that name to look forward to again.

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Lot of folks seem super impressed with the new Civ V expansion. Sparky just posted a blog extolling its virtues as well, among discussing other things. I haven't played a Civ game in years though. Well, unless you count Master of Magic, which I still play occasionally. But you knew this about me already.

Resident Giraffe BJ seems to be one of those games that people have kind of accepted since its release, presumably because of some heavy amount of patching to amend its less forgivable failings. I'm no RE fan though, so I'll let Yummylee take it from here.

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@mento: You should try Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes or Warlock: Master of the Arcane, both of which owe a decent amount to Master of Magic or Civ in general.

@jimmyfenix: Indeed I have messed around with that broke-ass build of the game, which is proof enough for me that these guys are the real deal. Just the idea of playing a brand new old-school Resident Evil game in 2013 is irrationally exciting to me.

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Wait, is there enough to RE1.5 that it could be fully played through (if it was restored)? I'm expecting it to end halfway through, for some reason.

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I've replayed a ton of the campaign for RE6 in the last couple of months to see if my initial hatred of the game was in any way justified, and I think I have been left with more hatred than I ever had first time through. Even after some of the QTE lessening patches it's still maddeningly frustrating being forced into four or five of them in a row. The snowstorm is most definitely the worst part of that game with broken mission markers, sliding down hills and a bad level layout... a complete mess.

It's funny to discover that a few of the QTE's where you are in peril can be left indefinitely and you'll be left unscathed, and that Ada's new co-op partner "Agent" can't even open doors and just teleports to where she is when she uses her grappling hook. There was a point where I said to my co-op partner "I can't even interact with the puzzle... you'll have to do it" to which he replied "Actually, I don't" and quit out of the game. I have never had such a sigh of relief playing a game ever before.

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I didn't hate the demo for RE6, but it never came across as something I really wanted to purchase, either. I'm admittedly not a fan of horror games in general (other than the Gabriel Knight series, but come on, adventure games and I go together like peas and carrots), and I haven't much played any RE game since the second one. But I liked what I saw, and thought it deserved some props for not looking the same as RE 4 or 5. I particularly liked the Wesker kid's part of the demo, though I don't remember a lot about it other than going all trigger-happy on some undead sons of bitches. it's not going to be a purchase for me, because I respect my pants too much to get scared and piss in 'em, but I might check out a LP of it at some point.

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I loved RE6. Take it.

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@liquidprince: I did not hate RE6, so I will take it sir.


That assumes that RE6, or Resident Evil in general, is in any way scary. But of course, there's no shame in passing this game up. I'm just crazy completionist about series I really like, even if that results in me needing to play the bad games. That's why I have a Might and Magic IX save file with something like 20 hours on it (still need to finish that particular bugger, though I imagine that blog would read a lot like this one, which is to say apologetic about mediocrity.)


I should probably mention that I have zero intention of replaying RE6 anytime soon. For all of my backhanded praise, it's still messed up in some pretty significant ways, not to mention the part where it's like 20 hours long at minimum. I'm just going to say though, if you start replaying games that you hate to figure out how much you hate them, you've probably lost, not that I'm not guilty of doing that very thing on this very blog series.

@video_game_king: The oft quoted percentage was that RE 1.5 was something like 85% done when they scrapped it. The build these guys are working with is far less complete but there's apparently enough that they can kind of figure out what to do. A slightly modified version of the build was released to the public and there are videos all over youtube of people messing with it.

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RE6 definitely took the explosions like, two steps too far. But then, that seems to be a recurring thing with big budget games this generation. Just look at any of the more recent Call of Duty E3 demos. My biggest problem with RE6 though, was the boss battles. Like, RE5 took the boss battles too far in the first place, and RE6 just tries to make them longer and longer and longer. I swear, the bosses in that game are like, two thirds of the run time.

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Wait, is there enough to RE1.5 that it could be fully played through (if it was restored)? I'm expecting it to end halfway through, for some reason.

@video_game_king: The oft quoted percentage was that RE 1.5 was something like 85% done when they scrapped it. The build these guys are working with is far less complete but there's apparently enough that they can kind of figure out what to do. A slightly modified version of the build was released to the public and there are videos all over youtube of people messing with it.

Oh, I only thought it was the starting area (the police station) that was finished. But I guess that stuff had been around for a while, for that major announcement (in fan/mod community terms) last year I guess they must've tracked down more of it than that.

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Oh, Arbitrarywater... I'm so very disappointed in you. U_U

Nah, I'm kidding, though I am still very surprised to see your overall consensus for the game, considering your own early impressions seemed to line up with my own.

Anywhoo, RE6... I've already talked so damn much of it throughout the months, not only on the forums, but even when I'll play other games with Gunstarred up there that don't even have any relation! It's just one of those that I find hard to let go in a weird way... It's just so bad... so fucking bad in so many key areas that it's like it's latched onto me like some sort of putrid tar that threatens to drag me into its blinding ooze >_>

I had fairly recently gone back to RE6 anywhoo, just as a means to reaffirm my hatred for this game, and to check out any of the 'improvements' that have been made across the months. Though as it would turn, I still found RE6 to be the same soul-sucking, shameless, dumb, poorly controlled, bloated, set-piece driven bunch of wank.

I will admit that the... first two chapters of Leon's campaign are at least tolerable, and shooting zombies and watching them fall apart can be kinda funny. But the general movement is so wonky and uncoordinated that simply moving around feels so incredibly loose. The guns don't have all too much impact either, and RE6 most certainly has some of the most weaksauce shotguns that I can recently recall. The melee attacks don't flow together very well at that, and can still often leave me kicking you thin air or some dumb shit. Plus they're so ridiculously overpowered; it's laughable during the beginning of Leon's campaign when he says to ready your gun once the zombies start pouring into the elevator, when all you need to do is just keep kicking them.

What's also pretty funny is all of those 'improvements' they made with the patches amounted to so very little. Oh, increased field of view? Great! That is if it also didn't sacrifice like half of the framerate on console. Oh, and reduced QTE's? But only during the cutscenes? So all those times of getting grabbed and sometimes having to go through multi-tiered QTEs are still in play? Well fuck you very much, Capcom.

Then there's of course the incredibly restricted level design (a series if catacombs that are apparently just a bunch of corridors) and the game's pathetic attempts at variety. As far as the gameplay is concerned they couldn't seem to do anything right. The vehicular segments are frustratingly constrictive as to where you can go, forcing you to do it all if you don't stick to the script the game wants you to follow; the bullshit stealth sequences being put into a game where the controls only make it a hassle. Seriously, Ada's opening level is some of the worst level design I can recall, right alongside pretty much every scenario where you have to collect three somethings or other per campaign. Fuck. That. Shit.

God, and the boss battles... the boss battles! They take up like half of the damn game they're so fucking lengthy, and Leon's end chapter is the most egregious offender, what with a guy who will not bloody die. Leon's entire chapter 5 is literally just a series of increasingly bad boss battles. Chris' helicopter boss battle is also an absolute nightmare as well, as it constantly just keeps knocking you over. The idea of constantly respawning enemies around so as to add a little extra 'challenge' is also one of the worst trends when it comes to boss battles, too.

The obnoxious scripting is another thing, again such as the highly restrictive vehicular segments, but then there's the many occasions where the game just pulls the camera out of your control so as to direct you to what the game wants you to see. Games do this sorta thing all the time, but they don't force it on you, nor will they do it in the middle of a fucking shoot out, either. This is a game where you have to stick to the script; there's very little room for dilly-dallying, and the game will often punish you otherwise. Oh man, and there's so many damn coop-doors too.

That it plays like shit and is infested with boring set-pieces is only half of why I dislike this game. The other is for how shameless Capcom were in trying to reel in the 'CoD' crowd; an over-abundance of explosions is one thing, but then there's the part where you have to shoot the J'avo whilst in sloooo-mooooo before he executes his hostage. Should seem awfully familiar to anyone who remembers a certain #TeamBrad video. All the parts involving the QTE's where you have to alternate between holding down the shoulder buttons, pulled right out of MW2. That and the snowmobile segment of course. Ordinarily I would scold it for its patronising use of an always-visible waypoint, another obvious pull from CoD, but with level design as bad as RE6's, I could look past that.

Oh, and how creative of Capcom to fit in a little easter egg where Chris can play on the slides and stuff. If only Gears of War 3 hadn't done the same damn thing a year earlier, eh. They even replaced the weapon upgrades tree for a lazy perk system FFS. AND OMG YOU FLY A JET WHAAAAAAAAT!!!

Seriously, I loathe RE6 more than for being a bad game. I loathe it for its philosophy, for its ''Me too!'' design in how it completely shackles away the methodically paced shooting from RE4/RE5 in favour of a full-auto barrage of explosions, melee attacks, QTEs, and set-pieces. It's basically a slushie made up of some of the worst trends of the current generation; for giving you a 'rollercoast' ride in exchange of actual agency. Now don't get me wrong, I can still enjoy that sorta game. After all Uncharted 2 still stands as one of my favourite games of the generation. But, well, for starters Uncharted 2 doesn't play like shit. But it's tightly designed set-pieces are specifically why it works, despite the scripting taking front-and-centre. Uncharted 2 is a medium-rare steak compared to RE6's sloppy beans slowly sliding down a cabinet.

And of course there's the fact that this is Resident Evil 6, not Uncharted 6.

They couldn't even get the story down, either. I can still remember when they first announced this game officially, and they actually got the timeline wrong by stating it's set 10 years after the destruction of Raccoon City. Now yes, Resident Evil timeline hahawtfwhocares, but you know who should care? Capcom. It's their series, and yet even they couldn't be bothered to follow it all.

Hell, when it comes down to it RE6 barely even has a story. That is within the claustrophobic confines of the main game anyway. Pretty much all of the major 'themes' and important events are all delegated to out-of-the-way files, outside of the main game. You even have to unlock the bloody things by shooting down the emblems at that. While RE6's brilliant facial expressions (wish I could say the same for the voice acting) do help in trying to make you care about what's going on, the fact that have literally shoehorned such laziness as Wesker Junior and Neo-Umbrella goes a long way in pushing me towards complete apathy. There's also the fact that Leon and Chris are finally starring in the same game, only they only barely interact with one another. Or how we're given an all-grown Sherry Birkin, but no Claire. Also, I like how they throw in some cheap ''Oh, Sherry can regenerate her health because of RE2 stuff'', only to do nothing with it. Nothing. No gameplay implications, no story threads, -- Nadda.

I guess there's some sort of poetic mumbo-jumbo with Sherry being paired with Jake, given that their dads were best friends or whatever. But still, the fact that a bloody Wesker Junior actually exists...is just the most ridiculous thing. Even without all that, there's stuff like how Leon and Ada's relationship is still in the exact same place as it's always been, and that Chris still isn't dead yet. Instead Capcom like the cowards they are decided to introduced this completely new character that nobody has any prior attachment to, purely to kill off in an attempt to elicit some sort of emotion.

And to think, considering that Capcom were genuinely trying this time around to create some human drama, this then only reinforces Capcom's laughable inability to tell some sort of story or characterise.

I could have accepted RE6 if it could have at least done something right. If it was an obnoxious power-fantasy, but still played very well and was a bunch of fun, sure. If it was instead trying some new and genuinely creative ideas (especially if it was in an attempt to bring back the old school RE style), but suffers for it with poor gameplay, then I could respect it for trying. Which is sorta how I look upon Resident Evil: Revelations if anything... If it at least had a fun story filled to the brim with fan-service, like Barry and Carlos buddy-copping or something, then I could have taken something appreciative out of it.

Unfortunately, RE6 of course didn't accomplish any of that. So in short:

Fuck you, Resident Evil 6. 101 patches later and you still suck shit.

With all that said, I will attest that RE6 certainly looks pretty, and it has a decent soundtrack. Specifically this.

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Did you....just post a blog in a blog? That's something I'd expect out of me (egotism) or @pepsiman (she's fucking loquacious).

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@video_game_king: I've admittedly always wanted to write up another blog about why RE6 still sucks, but I got lazy. Fortunately enough, Arbitrarywater's blog was a fine catalyst to get me started... Even if it meant posting my sorta-blog within his own blog.

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You know, you could probably just copy/paste all that into a blog, now that you've written it. Maybe call it "Why Resident Evil 6 can suck my Richard Little".

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I loved RE6. Take it.

Hell yea RE6 was fantastic!

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@yummylee: I could probably write a whole damn book about why I hate RE6, haha. Though I'm sure my time would be better spent elsewhere. Or maybe not.

I've actually been thinking about getting the game again in the near future, downloading those patches they put out for it and see how much the changes they made actually affect the game. Because I literally have no idea how anyone could've enjoyed the game in its original state. Ada's campaign alone is one of the worst things I've played this generation.

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RE6 is pretty good, not as good as RE4 but right around on par or better than RE5 in terms of the campaign (though worse for Mercenaries). Chrono Cross is 40 hours or so plus NG+ gives you a literal fast forward button that speeds up everything in the game and makes it kind of fun to play again. Worth noting is that despite having easily the best game soundtrack of all time the main battle theme is not good.

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Damn. That still sounds like a total bummer.

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@lordandrew: You are still totally ok never playing this game.

@yummylee: Bahahah. I hadn't seen that video. It's so true. I don't think I can disagree with most of your points, other than the part where I'm dead inside and thus celebrate this game's intrinsic dumbness. Oh, a lot of the boss battles are pretty terrible. How many magnum shots did it take to get rid of Saddler in RE4? Like 8 if you didn't use the special rocket launcher? In this game, 8 magnum shots are enough to make any given boss move on to his second form, because literally every single boss needs like 4 forms or phases before you kill him. There's a part in Ada's campaign where she quips "Doesn't anything stay dead anymore?" referring to the chainsaw guy that chases both her and Jake/Sherry and that is the closest the game gets to self-awareness about how utterly ridiculous it gets. I will freely admit that this game is not great in many capacities and is blown out of the water by RE4 and 5, but I guess I wasn't bothered as much as you and some others were. If you want to read me going off about a game I actively despised, I suggest you read my inquisitor blog. I don't think I've ever gone full negative though. Not yet, which suggests that my tolerance levels are through the roof on some things.

EDIT: Scratch that, my Deus Ex Invisible War blog is very much a "WHY IS THIS GAME AS BAD AS IT IS" sort of blog.

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@arbitrarywater: The giant fly Simmons took me about 40 minutes to beat, no joke... Took me forever to figure just what in the Hell I was supposed to do, while I'm constantly starved for ammo as i try to also keep a constantly respawning horde of zombies at bay. Fun times... Oh man, and the Deborah boss battle in particular was just embarrassing. The invisible snake battle at least had an OK premise, and I would go as far as to say that I genuinely kinda liked the Evil Ada ice-cream blob battle, if only because of how creepy it is to shoot through a giant ooze face.

But yeah, the game can be a little self-aware sometimes, most especially when it comes to Ada. Plus I can remember a line where Leon says something how all of these puzzles could be solved by a 5th grader or something. Which is apt, considering how pathetically simple they all are, featuring such head-scratchers like ''shoot the bells''...

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@arbitrarywater: It wasn't to see if I still hated the game, there was a blog that popped up being positive about the game and enough time had passed/ enough patches had been added that I thought it was a good time to re-evaluate it. I had recently gone back to Lost Planet 2, and while I still think it is a very bad game it isn't half as broken as it was when it first came out. I thought maybe Capcom had possibly done something similar with RE6... I'm also pretty good at going out of my way to play bad games that I know are bad (playing Sonic 06 right now)

I do think the game does some things right. It has some great music, the character animation in cutscenes is some of the best out there, even if it's a little over exaggerated and I genuinely like Troy Jaker and Sherry. It's just a shame that some of the worst offending moments of that game are tied to their story.

@yummylee: Resident Evil 6 is a wound that will never close. There's always going to be a blog or some idiot harassing you into playing the game with them. You will never forget. That techno music in Mercs is pretty great though.

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I'm enjoying Resident Evil 6 so far, and have felt that my $20 was well spent. The Leon campaign started the game off really strongly for me, though I didn't realize I would sort of be locked in as Helena when I picked her in the first chapter. It's often times cheesy and super ridiculous, but I still had a lot of fun with it as the game equivalent of an over-the-top action movie. It's starting to feel like more of a slog with the Chris campaign though. I don't like either of the two characters, and the gameplay has seemed to change focus to spending more time fighting B.O.Ws and awful running sections (I died on that stupid run along the docks in China about 10 times, just falling through the ground seemingly at random). To hear that the Jake campaign also starts off rough isn't super encouraging to power through the rest of Chris', but I'll probably end up doing it this weekend anyways. That said, I don't hate the Chris campaign in its entirety, but so far each of the missions have had like two or three sections that have been painful to play through.

At the same time, I picked up Revelations for about $25 and am looking forward to getting to that after RE6, considering how much I liked the extremely short demo. I never played the earlier games in the series, didn't care much for 4, enjoyed 5 a lot but played it all co-op, so I feel like I had pretty different expectations than most when it came to 6. Revelations seems more analogous to 4/5, but the controls felt pretty satisfying to me in the demo and I think I might prefer one longer story to Resident Evil 6's four short stories. It's kind of a double edged sword though of feeling like RE6 bounces around too much, but still wanting a fair amount of variety in environments. This probably most just has to do with RE6 feeling like such a whirlwind though, and not always completely understanding where the game's taking me. The Leon campaign actually seemed to be a lot more consistent than the Chris campaign, as with Chris' I keep getting confused as to what's supposed to be a flashback or current.

Anyways, I feel like I'm with you on this one. The game's no masterpiece, but I feel like people get way too worked up about it because of the franchise, and as a result it gets slammed a lot harder and more frequently than it deserves to.

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@yummylee: I will admit to having foreknowledge on a lot of the game's more... frustrating sequences, like how you have to stab a zombie with the lightning rod to kill Simmons or the part where you have to shoot HAOS when it is in cocoon form. Those parts are absolutely poorly designed and should be treated as such. As for self-awareness, I still feel that Resident Evil in general could benefit from reveling in how absurd it has become, and while that quip about puzzles from Leon is great in the context of what you're doing, it could've done with a bit more of that. Oh well, if I ever want to play a game with very little self-awareness in the best possible manner, there's always Final Fantasy X-2.


Revelations is a better (though not significantly better) game than 6 on a lot of counts (See: What I wrote about it earlier in the year). Leon's campaign is undoubtedly the strongest of them, though I didn't mind most of Chris' either. You should give RE4 another shot though, because it's still one of my favorite games of all time, and probably at fault for a lot of the explicitly violent stories I wrote when I was 14.

@gunstarred: You're playing Sonic '06? You are a stronger man than I and I salute you. Like, I wouldn't mind buying that game for like $5 to see how bad it is, but the idea of playing through it seems intolerable, given what I've seen from some particularly hilarious LPs. Then again, I somehow beat Shadow the Hedgehog back in the day, and I'm pretty sure that game is also lumped in with the absolute worst Sonic-related things. I also have to say, I sort of love the weird techno dance-hall Mercenaries theme.

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The worst thing I can say about Resident Evil 6 is that the combat feels unsatisfying. I couldn't tell if my shots were hurting enemies and the amount of bullets to kill was wildly inconsistent.

Finished Jake's campaign and uninstalled it. And this is coming from someone who LOVES RE5. People call that game terrible, but I genuinely enjoy it.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

@perfidioussinn: Jake's campaign is really bad, but Ada's is probably the worst, so you aren't remiss in quitting while you're ahead. I feel like the game is pretty favorable towards critical headshots and melee attacks, even moreso than RE4/5.

Also, nothing wrong with RE5, especially in comparison to this game. I've sunk more than my fair share of time trying to get all the achievements, and if it weren't for the DLC I'd probably have all of them.