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Yep, I've been following Xenonauts since I backed the Kickstarter two years ago, and I'm extremely disappointed in the final release. Back even before the Kickstarter, there was an extremely solid and promising alpha demo, but unfortunately, the game hasn't really developed all that much past what was in that alpha.

As a fellow backer, I think the release of Enemy Unknown threw a bit of a wrench into my enthusiasm for Xenonauts in 2012, and after playing more than a dozen hours of the release version (keeping in mind that I've played almost 35 hours of the release version of Divinity despite it coming out weeks later) I'm not entirely sure how much more I'll play. It's well made and makes some smart tweaks to a 20-year-old game, but it's almost depressingly safe in its execution and its increased focus on the parts of old X-COM that I don't love (namely the air war) aren't doing much to encourage me.

Maybe making a shinier, more balanced (because why include fun weapons like Psionics and the Blaster Launcher?) but still faithful remake of UFO Defense was enough for me two years ago, but this entire thing hasn't gone above "comfort food" status for me. The Firaxis re-imagining, while not without its own flaws, at least is its own thing and is less slavishly devoted to recreating the good and bad parts of one of my favorite old games.

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What the fuck ever happened to Roy?

Roy was only in Melee as an advertisement for his game, it's one of the lesser-loved games in the series, he was dumped in favor of Ike, who actually appeared in games that came out in the US.

Also Nintendo can take ALL OF MY MONEY for these roster picks.

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At this point I play what I feel like playing and figure I'll work my way through stuff in my backlog that I want to play eventually. Admittedly, keeping a blog has motivated me to play or finish things I wouldn't normally finish, but that's changed a bit as I've just started blogging whenever I feel like it too.

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@hailinel said:

It doesn't bag for anything. It doesn't beg for anything, either. If the only reason to quick look it is to mock it, then that's not much of a Quick Look.

I'll agree with this. If you want someone playing through a visual novel for the purpose of mockery, I'm sure there are plenty of videos out there that successfully accomplish that purpose. Also Sakura Spirit is apparently like an hour long and doesn't have much material to mock in the first place.

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I will approach any future Telltale games the same way I approached all previous ones: By buying the thing on sale when the entire season is finished.

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Bought both Dino crisis games and legend of dragoon. Then I used this as an excuse to buy Crash 2,3 and CTR.

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I would like another Diddy Kong Racing, but if they ruined that it would be like stabbing my childhood in the windpipe.

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As someone who bought the game on the midweek deal and played through all 5 episodes in a handful of sessions, I liked it. The setting, a lot of the characters (and the music. Gotta love that synth) were all great, but it's no Walking Dead season 1. There's a little too much meandering in those middle episodes, the illusion of choice (hell, the illusion of gameplay) is barely present at times and I feel like some of the potential from that first episode is squandered a tad.

I'd like to see another season with some stronger plotting and maybe a little more regard towards the episodic nature of the whole thing (Maybe even make them a little more self-contained?). I'd play it, and I say that as someone without much interest in playing TWD Season 2. I didn't expect lightning to strike twice for Telltale, but what I got was enjoyable all the same.

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As someone who played all of these episodes back-to-back over the course of two days I got most of the implications of the last conversation with Nerissa. I also ripped the Crooked Man's head off, because I played Bigby as the guy who wanted to do the right thing but would eventually flip off the handle when pushed far enough and the ending reflected that.

As for the series itself, I think it starts so strong and peters out, but I think you're right that the episodic nature does it no favors (and I'm sure did even fewer favors when the episodes were like 2-3 months apart). I liked it, but maybe not as much as The Walking Dead. The illusion of choice is even more fragile and there are some parts that are all over the place.