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Honestly, without any of the Wii U gamepad gimmickery holding it up I don't think it'd be all that great (not that it was great to begin with).

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Just remember: channel your anger into a razor sharp blade. A blade that is also a gun. Then use that gunblade to shootstab this game to victory.

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I can't imagine where later games are going to go.

They'll be going in pachinko machines, from the looks of things.

Sadly, probably yes. At least Kojima is free to pursue something else now. Him and Swery should get together and make the most uniquely-Japanese-view-of-the-rest-of-the-world game ever.

Gigantic budget plus meager sales. SUREFIREHIT!

You have NO IDEA how much I and about a dozen other people would like to play that game.

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I will give this new guy credit: He actually looks like a teenager instead of a 30-year-old pretending to be a teenager. But also I don't really want to watch any more Spider Man movies.

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I never actually finished the game when I played it on 360, so I'm doing a straight run with Nero/Dante right now (reminding myself: "Oh right, Nero's stupid devil arm is really useful). I've at least messed around with the other characters though. I didn't quite get a handle on how Lady plays, but I'm really digging what they did with Vergil. He still has all of his crazy phantom sword/teleport shenanigans but seems to have a more varied moveset this time around. Also the concentration gauge gimmick is super neat.

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@yummylee: I think it's telling that I totally forgot there was a second CG Resident Evil movie.

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Austin Walker knocking it out of the goddamn park once again.

Couldn't agree more.

I've never been a big fan of art-y games. Even The Stanley Parable, which by all accounts is far less avant-garde than anything Tale of Tales put out, left me a little cold by the end of the experience. So it probably won't surprise anyone to learn that I'm probably not the right person to say how much arts funding should go towards games.

In Tale of Tales' case specifically though, I can't say I feel much pity for them given their behavior after all of this went down. "If we don't want to lose civilization entirely, something needs to be done to support more non-commercial art." Nope. Doesn't smack of hyperbole at all.

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Veronica was released around the time of the movie wasn't it? That's probably what made them decide to start anting the action up. To which they then scale it all back down again with the remake and RE0.

More importantly, Code Veronica was released a year after a little movie called The Matrix. Because yo, Wesker is just The Matrix and the intro to that game is totally The Matrix. But if we want to ask "Where did the story of Resident Evil start going off the rails into crazy-town?" then I think we can all agree it's Code Veronica, the game you and I are in agreement about. Still love that you put way more time into RE6 than I did even though you seem to hate it more than me!

@nightriff: After playing it again at the end of last year, I can't say that Zero is substantially better than Code Veronica, but I still like what it does with mood and atmosphere a lot more. It's still easily the black sheep of those old style games though. I couldn't tell you where Code Veronica sits in terms of broader reception (i.e. from people who aren't as crazy as Yummylee and I), but anyone who puts it anywhere NEAR RE2 and REmake is objectively wrong and also a poop-head.

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It took me a while to figure out who these guys were, and then I was like "Oh right, that incomprehensible artsy-fartsy game that Vinny QL-ed". Other than that, I vaguely remember something about Sunset, but even by the standards of artsy indie games these guys never really crossed my radar. It's cool that they're Belgian though! I thought Larian was the only Belgian developer around.

I can't say I'm very sympathetic to their plight though. The developers come off as the worst kind of pretentious asshole artistes and the idea that they are somehow owed success because they tried to make their most recent game slightly more commercial seems somewhat delusional.