Games that I played a notable amount of in 2014

This is really as much for my benefit as it is yours. The title says it all: Games I played a decent chunk of this year so I can actually remember come GOTY stuff or maybe for personal recollection without having to search through all of my blogs.

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Posted by GrantHeaslip

Hearing about how Bravely Default shoots itself in the foot in its second half killed my desire to play it. I was already sort of undecided on it, but it seems like a lot of people with a lot more patience than I have find themselves souring on it.

FWIW, playing through Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns really fostered my appreciation for XIII. It's a flawed game, but it's also a pretty cool game.

MH3U is sitting on my Wii U home screen, but actually diving into it is such a daunting idea.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

@grantheaslip: Bravely Default is 40-50 hours of RPG funtime (albeit funtime with incredibly bland characters and generic plot) and then anywhere from 5-30 hours of lazy filler (depending on if you want the true ending and how many optional boss fights you want to engage in) before the sort of bananas conclusion. If you want some more detailed thoughts, here's what I wrote about it like two months ago, though I feel like I've soured a bit more on the game as a whole

I'm not sure what I think of FFXIII yet around the 6 hour mark... I don't hate it thus far, so that's probably a positive sign, right?

Posted by GrantHeaslip

@arbitrarywater: The bland characters and plot were my biggest concern there. I haven't played FF V and almost any JRPGs of that era, so the nostalgia factor wasn't going to be able to carry the day as it appeared to for others. Open-ended character progression isn't really my thing either. I figure if I was going to go down that road, I might as well just play FF V rather than its spiritual successor.

If you don't hate FF XIII six hours in, that's probably a good sign. If you're not already in the thick of it, you'll be running into some unfortunate filler pretty soon. XIII seems like a game that people have pretty disparate reasons for liking or hating, so it's tough to predict what anyone else will think of it.