Games you've probably heard me endorse/accidentally endorse one time too many

Everyone has games that they tend to get a bit... enthusiastic about. In my case, it's often niche, underlooked CRPGs from the late 90s. Chances are if you have been on these forums long enough, you've heard me mention these games multiple times when the subject of such comes up. Because hey, everyone already knows that Baldur's Gate 2 is practically the king of CRPGs, so its my job to make sure that you know that other games exist. You know, for posterity.

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Posted by NathHaw

Although, it's not late 90s, let me exploit this list to mention Wizardry 7! Also, Dave is gonna do that Wizardry 8 ER. ;)

Posted by ArbitraryWater

@nrh79: Wizardry VII scares the shit out of me. That game does not hold hands. No sir it does not. It kicks you in the balls.

Posted by Doppelgamer

Going by the games listed above, you certainly seem to enjoy playing RPGs with less-defined, customizable characters. (Which does not mean you don't appreciate more defined, story integrated characters, of course.)

It's so wonderful to see that Wizardry 8 was released on in the time since you made your entry for it on this list. Now we need them to get the early X-COM games as well!