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I'm not there, clearly there has been some sort of mistake.

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It's this one
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I don't think forum signatures are or have ever been a good idea.

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I'm from Iceland which means I get games late and pay more for them. Also we have geysers I guess.

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I was on the fence about it but what I saw of it during E3 has me completely sold. I really don't mind the DC dudes being in it, they seemed to be implemented in a really cool way and we still get the core MK cast.

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First, watch >this<.
So, which fatalities would you rank as the best in the series?
For pure ridiculousness I would say Kabal's head inflating one (06:04 in the video), for nostalgia I'd say the classic MK1 pit fatality and for simple and brutal I'd say Jax's head crush (03:54 in the video).
Now, what would you say was your favorite fatality out of all the MKs and why?

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I think UMK3 Sub Zero is probably the most fun to play even though I prefer his masked look. Also, pretty much the only character from the 3D MKs I would like to see again would be Havik, he had some great moves.

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