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as a video game lover i like that games are becoming easier to get and cheaper. as a collector i HATE IT! when AC: Freedom Cry came out i was like "oh man i'd like that for my collection" but i don't think they will ever come out with a physical version.

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I hadn't realized that your dad and Ryan passed on the same date. i'm now switchng my argument for which day should be Ryan Davis Day to June 4th. Fuck July 3rd.

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Miss you, big guy. RIP.

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I dont know if i will ever get to Omec but I have learned a lot from just watching Patrick play. Its fun to learn something new and be able to jump into a game and try it out. Usually if i see something cool in a game is 3 hours in and there is no way im going to try and find it.

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yeah i was surprised when i did one challenge in the morning and there was another to do that night, but at least it gave me a chance to see how terrible i am at this game. :(

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I'm Arcadiaexeter on PSN. feel free to add me.

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I have gotten all of the gifts but has anyone solved the puzzle yet?

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I just received 4 and 6 today. I have 1 - 4 & 6 now. has anyone gotten 5 yet?

nevermind. im quite capable of going back and reading. i was hoping for gold in the day 5 one :p

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I just got day 2 and 3 today and i got day one yesterday. my best guess is that the lights on the envelope are what we should be paying attention to. and yes i know im just repeating what everyone else has already talked about.

also if you look on the back of each envelope it tells you when and from where each shipped, so the envelopes from brockton are different than the ones from sylmar. mostly i think because the ones from CA were done digitally.

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oh man i am gonna play the shit out of some Rogue Legacy on my Vita.