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He always seemed to have such charisma and humour that gave him a glowing presence in anything that he appeared on. I may not have visited Giantbomb as much in recent years, but when I did it was always Ryan who made everything more enjoyable to watch. Also he had the best laugh ever, the kind that makes it almost impossible for you to not laugh along with him. Just seemed like a genuinely nice, funny guy who loved life.

My condolences to friends and family. RIP Ryan.

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sad news

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I have been having the exact same problem, I read on another forum that its apparently something to do with the gamespy servers.

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What? Of course deadly premonition is better than Final Fantasy XIII...

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GT is krazymunky 
I only know one person with this game so would be good to add some on here

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I want that rapture print

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oh yes

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Console exclusive DLC is bullshit. 
However, whats even more annoying is when they advertise future DLC for a game thats not even out yet, it should just be packaged initially with the original game. I understand why they do this, and how there can also be different internal teams working on other content for the game that may be seperate from the main development timeline, but I still feel its unfair on the consumer.

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