I blog, therefore I'm bored.

Bored. So I type this. 
Black Ops is rather fun, if the lag permits, and you have a crew to play with. Even bad games can be better with a bunch o crazies with you. 
 I was late to the Dragon Age: Origin party. Rather excellent game. I do have to agree with a lot of people though, she does play better on the PC. 
Dead Space 2. Not all that different from the first, but I do so enjoy dismemberment. 
Dead Rising 2. Similar thoughts to DS2. Not different really, but it plays better, feels better, and looks better. You also don't feel like a rabid monkey when trying to do every mission and save every person. 
Thats all I think...haven't played too much else thats new. 
....and I'm just as bored now. Curse you interwebs, curse youuuuuu



so tired...why won't original xbox live go down already.... 
*falls over and starts snoring*


Games...and SHAME!

So yeah, under no duress, and purely of my own will, I made one of these video things you guys do. Watch it. WATCH IT OR ELSE! Beware the shame.


Also...I forgot to mention...with the sticker...the case wasn't even sealed. I mean...seriously...