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Clam it down Lordo. Not every game can be as exciting as bionic mustachio 2. 
Not a bad list though. However, it lacks some more standard RPG. For shame.

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Graphically Animated Multimedia Entertainment System. Aka games for short. Its what I call them vid'ja games.

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Decided to join you guys in this, character name is Alyth.

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Oh man, yes! My whole family used to get together and play this. We had all the expansions and such, but I can't tell you much since its been a decade or better since I've even seen the game. Good times, good times...

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if the screw is big enough (never dove into the xbox) you could use a hacksaw to score a deep enough notch to use a flathead screwdriver to get it out.

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I'm currently 2 years deep in Japanese at college. Wasn't hard at all at the start, but now all that fun stuff is really starting up, and its kicking me in the face. Bad study habits and what have you don't help either...hehehe?

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Depends a lot on what they do. As long as the core story, game-play, and original mini-games are left exactly as they are (solely a graphical update) I'd love it, and buy it in a heartbeat. Although, I wouldn't be the slightest bit annoyed if they decided to throw in some extra mini-games, bonus dungeons, or the like.

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One bit of advice I'd give, though this may come out a far more jack-ass than I intend, is to pay more attention to the guys/quests. Based on the captions, you're missing quite a few details. Like, the guy that lead you into the bloodsucker lair isn't the missing stalker, he the guy that hired you to find 'em. You'd also know the identity of the dude that shot himself and that he just killed that same stalker who lead you into the bloodsuckers. Its nothing major, but it would probably help with the immersion and story a bit. Sorry if this came out condescending and/or with major jack-ass levels, but I thought some of the little details were great, and it'd be sad if you missed them.
Also, that starting sunrise suit is one of my favorites. Its not great on protection, but its the lightest armor in the game, gives you a carry boost, and when you put those together you get some major sprint duration when you aren't carrying much. 
Last note, I love this. That feeling of fear and how frantic it gets reminds me of my first days diving into stalker with SoC. Awesome stuff, hope you live on to the end!

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Actually, if anyone's feeling generous, I'd like to mooch one as well. I've never even heard of a Del Taco before this.

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I'll join up with you guys as well. 

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