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Looking forward to the next Armored Souls.

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I am not looking forward to what the Bombcast ends up becoming.

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All bets on Alex for Royal Rumble.

Fucking called it.

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@mrfalcon: If you take a look at his post again you will notice he says Patrick sucks at X, Y, and Z rather than just saying Patrick himself sucks. Not only that, he actually compliments Patrick in other areas, though it's his skills as a journalist and a game reviewer he has issue with.

All I can see here is fair criticism while you're trying to make it personal.

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One of my favorite things about Legend of Legaia was how it actually changed your character's outfit based on what items they had equipped whereas Final Fantasy and Chrono Cross only changed the weapon.

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@goldanas: Yeah, I see what you mean. The recent tsunami of praise surrounding Gone Home for example was a bit irritating to see, not because the game was particularly bad or anything, but because so many reviewers used it as an opportunity to push their agenda rather than actually reviewing the game. Before you know it you've got one side saying the game is the greatest thing ever which legitimizes video games as an artform while the other side is saying it's nothing but a walking simulator with a low tier story belonging on the Hallmark Channel.

Then you've got folks like triviaman09 who instantly dismiss anything the "jerks" have to say no matter how civil or valid their opinions are. It creates a toxic atmosphere which only encourages people to pick a side and stick to it without any actual discourse or middle ground.

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@kanerobot: Well, Ben Kuchera was sacked and Eric Kain is still around. So there's that.

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I wonder what sorts of blanket statements and sweeping generalizations are going to come out of that panel on internet jerks.

All bets on Alex for Royal Rumble.

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I can't really blame them for ripping off other games when the app stores they're on have zero fucks to give and don't care about protecting the developers making software for their platform. They're just a product of their environment.