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It's funny, this year is the first time in years that I simply just don't really care at all about E3.  Nothing's going to be announced that I really care about, so I'm kinda hoping it'll all just pass me by uneventfully.

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Welp, I got it now too.  And I have no idea whose idea it was to put that there, since the title isn't even a real word.

#3 Posted by Archaotic (31 posts) -

Google "power glove giant bomb".  You'll find what you need.

#4 Posted by Archaotic (31 posts) -

#3 really needs some good hints.  Ugh.

#5 Posted by Archaotic (31 posts) -

And yet we still don't have Underwater #3.

#6 Posted by Archaotic (31 posts) -
@Zaph: I wouldn't say my clues were bad, they just work better for some people, other clues work better for others.  I was being as deliberately vague as possible so as not to give away the answers directly, since #6 is a one-word answer and it'd be very easy to spoil.  :P
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@Metiphis:  The one that the dude in the icon for the quest comes from.
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@Pinworm45:  Desert #2's pretty simple really.  It's the first installment of a franchise that originated on PC, got ported to a ton of different systems, then got a complete gameplay overhaul in the PS2 era, got ANOTHER overhaul this generation, and is getting another installment released relatively soon.
If you can't figure it out with that clue, I don't know what else to tell you.  :P
#9 Posted by Archaotic (31 posts) -
@Pyroman31:  Same here.  I've clicked through almost every game connected to the "Underwater" location, and no dice.  Grah.
#10 Posted by Archaotic (31 posts) -
@Zaph:  Hey now, I was born in '85.  But if you're really not sure, there was a series of FPSes based off of a certain sci-fi TV series in the '90s that included the final clue in their titles.
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