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I think it depends on the situation. Standing in a doorway or heavy traffic public place while you smoke? You're kind of a dick. Flicking your finished cig wherever the fuck you feel like? Dick. Having a smoke and then afterwards getting way too close to someone when you talk to them? Gross. I have a coworker who does that last one. Nearly puked the first time he stunk so bad. Privately told him afterwards so as not to call him out in front of people. Still does it from time to time.

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I'll just leave this here...

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@getz said:

Magic Archer was the worst though, don't pick that one.


Seriously though, if you're talking about stat gain, MA isn't great, but as a class to play, it's possibly the best. Extremely versatile, with Ricochet Hunter ruining enemies in tight spaces and and Immolation + Climbing + Hundred Kisses melting the big baddies. Throw in roll, reset, and regeneration, and you have a pretty solid vocation that's a blast to play.

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Did you play Borderlands 2 on PS3? Not sure if it works like this but it might have pulled your save over since Badass Rank and Keys go across characters.

As for hacking, it's what ruined MP in Borderlands for me. I want a challenge when I join a team to take on a boss. Without fail there was always someone who had fucked with their stats so they can kill anything in half a second.

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I would say A. I've always known it as an Egg in a Basket, but my parents have called it a toad in a hole once or twice as well. I have never seen option B before, so I'm gonna call it Links in a Sink. Canada BTW.

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Does anyone else think the distorted Nathan Drake face looks like Jeff?

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@manbot47 said:

if they can resist using antiquated racial stereotypes i might get further than an hour into the next one

Well Sheeyit! If it ain't the cap'n hisself!

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Well that really sucks. I guess I just didn't experience any of those issues. Certainly not the micro-stuttering.

As for the screens, not exactly sure what you're trying to show. The texture was fucked up originally and they cleaned it up in the DC? I guess I'm missing something.

Edit: Looked at some comparison videos and more screens. It's been a little while since I played the DC so I'll have to check it out. Never noticed any texture issues when I was playing, and the toned down yellow filter was only apparent when I watched clips side by side.

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@civid said:

This is definetely making me want to go back to HR, maybe buy it on the Wii U this time. Wasn't the bosses revamped heavily in that version? Because I enjoyed the game well enough, but I never managed to complete it even with multiple tries over the years because FUCK THOSE BOSS ENCOUNTERS

That is a great version of the game. The directors cut version on PC is garbage, but the Wii U version should be alright.

I had no issues with the PC version of the Director's Cut. Why did you find it to be "garbage"?