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I've got to say, not really looking forward to a Star Wars movie written by Whitta. While I liked The Walking Dead, I thought episode 4, the one he wrote, was the weakest in the whole season. And while I thought the Book of Eli was ok, isn't that the movie where Denzel Washington gets shot in the abdomen but instead of bleeding out he throws a wet nap on it, travels all the way to the coast, rows himself to Alcatraz, recites the entire fucking bible and then dies.

Not that it would affect his ability to write a script, but I've never really enjoyed his presence on anything Tested/Giantbomb/etc. either.

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The first one that came to mind for me. Gives me goosebumps.

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I think part of the problem is that developers were so dead-set on discarding the controller in favor of the Kinect rather than use them together. I think the Kinect-controller combo would have made for some really interesting experiences.


1 - Update Road Rash. Allow the throttle and steering to be controlled with either the left or right thumbstick/trigger/shoulder button. Combat would be controlled using the Kinect. Swing your arm to whip someone with a chain. Kick your leg to boot an opponents bike into oncoming traffic. The game would be a blast, and its because of the combined control scheme. Think of the alternative. Leaning forward or back to control speed would have to rely on the Kinect to sense depth accurately and quickly, which it can't do, at least not for a bike racing game. Holding your arms out straight in front of you is an equally shitty control mechanism and makes you want to stop playing after only a handful of 4 minute long races. Anyone who played the Podracing section of Kinect Star Wars knows this.

2 - What about a game that actually came out for Kinect? Fable: The Journey was a blast to play. With a few simple gestures you could whip a Balverine up into the air, launch a handful of spears into him and then rain fire down on all his friends. Thanks to the Kinect controls some fairly simple combat could feel really engaging and fun. The problem is people still wanted to explore the world of Fable: The Journey and Kinect controls prevented this. Sure, you could steer the cart and sometimes that meant choosing a direction at a fork in the road, or whether or not to stop for an optional encounter, but that's a far cry from previous games. A combined control scheme could have fixed this. World exploration and interaction could be handled with a controller and combat scenarios with a Kinect. You'd have to find a way to handle the transition between the two, but it's a hell of a lot better than having extremely limited exploration.

I know that a few games used the Kinect's mic to supplement the game play, but that hardly uses the technology to it's full potential. I'll admit, it was pretty cool to shout squad commands in ME3, but that could have been accomplished with a headset.

I can't help but think that with a slogan like "You are the controller" Microsoft is responsible for pushing developers away from a combined control scheme. And if that's true it's a real shame. I can't be the only person that sees the potential. Instead we got a slew of dance and fitness games.

Sorry about the rant.

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Thinking about applying to this, but I don't really right reviews, mostly just short fiction. Can some of you guys take a look and tell me if it would be worth my time?


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A mix of likely to not-a-fucking-chance.

Kane and Lynch 3

Dragon's Dogma 2

Another Jedi Knight game (starring Kyle Katarn tyvm)

Tie Fighter 2


Red Faction 5

Borderlands 3


Deus Ex 4

The World Ends With You 2

Ghost Trick 2

I think that might do it...should I even bother mentioning Half Life 2:Episode 3/ Half Life 3?

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These aren't going to be popular.

1) Too Human 2 - DD might be a dickhole, but I still loved Too Human. Not gonna happen though.

2) Kane and Lynch 3 - Please can we have servers and/or drop in multiplayer.

3) Advent Rising 2 - Never gonna see this story wrap up unfortunately.

Some more popular options might be:

4) Road Rash

5) Another Kyle Katarn based Jedi Knight game

6) Flotilla 2

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With regards to the question asked in the thread title...

A mother more or less accused me of being a pedo because I went to a park by myself to eat lunch. I had some time to kill before picking up my wife, so I grabbed one of the those prepared meals from the local grocery store and decided it was a nice enough day so I would eat it in the park. A lady with her son asked me why I was there, told her I was having lunch, and she asked if I could go back to my car. I said no and she called me a fucking creep and left with her kid. I guess every 20 something white dude is a diddler by default.

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You know, some SWAT 4 style multiplayer in the Frostbite engine would be pretty cool...

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I always find this tough because I can't always lock down the order. Something like this:

1. Dumb and Dumber - I have seen this movie enough times that it shouldn't be funny any more, but every time I still end up laughing my ass off. 2. A Scanner Darkly - A great mix of comedy and drama, paired with some crazy animation and excellent performances by Robert Downey Jr., Woody Harrelson and Keanu Reeves.
3. Blade Runner - The classic Ridley Scott film that defined Cyberpunk. And that soundtrack.
4. Star Wars V - The best film in the greatest movie franchise to ever exist. Also, something about someone's father sticks out for some reason...
5. The Matrix - I also love Reloaded, but I went into the first film knowing nothing about it, and did not expect what followed. The only knock against it is that everyone needed to have bullet-time in their films after The Matrix came out.
6. Constantine - Peter Stormare as Satan. Scene stealing at its finest.
7.Saving Private Ryan - While some may argue, in my opinion it is the greatest war movie of all time. That scene with the medic...
8. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring - I think the strongest of the 3 films, with excellent performances across the board.
9. End of Watch - An odd film because of the way it was shot and how it tends to jump from action to drama to comedy. At the same time, I'm not sure I've seen a better on screen partnership than that portrayed by Gyllenhaal and Pena. Heartbreaking lines at the end.
10. Cloud Atlas - Some people find it difficult to follow, but I really connected with the story and the characters. The most recent movie to really grab me.

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@cmblasko: I purchase games way after release too. We should start a club.