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@archer88: Borderlands was pretty popular.

I guess I was thinking more of Borderlands 2. In general that was still a popular game, I just don't see that reflected here. I know Jeff gave it a favorable review and there was excitement for it right off the bat, but it seemed like by the time the end of the year awards rolled around GB people didn't care much for it. Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep, despite being considered by many to be the best DLC for Borderlands 2, received a pretty negative response here.

Look at the soon to be released Pre-sequel. When it was announced there seemed to be a lot more hatred for the series than excitement. Despite being the third game in a popular series it has had little discussion or coverage. Hopefully that will pick up closer to its release.

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I haven't played Destiny, but based on the shortcomings listed on these boards and the Bombcast(reused locations, poor story/story isn't engaging/ story too self serious, ok loot, classes feel similar, limited set of abilities) I'm surprised Borderlands isn't more popular in this community. To me, it seems like Borderlands 1 and 2 is similar in concept to Destiny, but doesn't have all of those issues. Did people really hate Tiny Tina and Handsome Jack that much? Maybe they just have the loudest or most prevalent voice.

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Advent Rising.

Too Human?

Came here to say this. Loved both of those games.

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I can't figure out how they settled on this design. If they hadn't moved the Start and Select buttons they could have put a proper second analog stick there. Instead they half-assed it with a poorly placed nub.

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I don't mind a new iteration on the 3DS hardware, but I'm kind of pissed that it means there will games exclusive to it. I haven't seen anything yet, but I'm concerned that when Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate comes to North America it will be New 3DS exclusive. I only got my 3DS XL last December; it would suck to have to upgrade a year later.

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@dudeglove: Yep, I'll Be Home For Christmas starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas is a subtle remake of Die Hard.

I thought you were joking, but then I remembered he makes a detour to a Bavarian village, so Germans really do get in his way....mind blown!

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I've been wondering this as well. I can't find it in any nearby stores and I've been thinking about ordering it online. The demo was fun, but how is it down the stretch?

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I've devised a far more logical way of organizing money. Here's how:

Everyone has 5 fingers on a hand, so if you spread out your fingers and put quarters on each of your fingers, there's $1,25 in your hand, right?

Handful of cash = $1,25

But you'd still have a whole other hand to hold more money. I'd say that you could grab around three notes of €5,- from mid-air if someone dropped them from the sky and you had to balance five quarters on the fingers of one hand whilst carefully snatching away at floating notes. So two handfuls of cash is $6,79841 (= €5,- per today's exchange rate) + $1,25 = 8,04841. Let's make it $8,- in order to streamline this concept a bit. I don't want to make it too complex, or else nobody will understand these values.

Two handfuls of cash = $8,-

A medium-sized suitcase could probably fit around 50 balled up fists. So... 50/2=25. 25*8=200.

Suitcase full of cash = $200.

So how much is a dollar? Well, sometimes people use the expression "That guy has dollar signs in his eyes!". So a dollar is one eyeball.

Eyeball = $1.

Another expression: something very expensive costs "an arm and a leg". I'd say something worth an average year salary is expensive. That's around $50.000 I suppose.

Arm and a leg = $50.000.

So now we have a solid basis for cash distribution in the market. But what about smaller amounts Jertje!? No worries, I've thought of nearly everything! Potatoes are cheap, so we'll trade up to 100 potatoes for an eyeball depending on the number of 90's rap songs played on the radio per hour. 1 rap song per hour = 80 potatoes per eyeball, 2 rap songs per hour is 100 potatoes per eyeballs, etc. Tupac songs are double value and every Tuesday between 15:00 and 16:00 is happy hour.

Super psyched to get this system started you guys. I'll get the petition started right away!

What kind of potato?