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Codes for PC:




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Coffee, water and cranberry juice.

I can't imagine those taste very good mixed together.

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I call bullshit. If I went purely by the posted system specs, my computer wouldn't meet the minimum requirements to run Shadow of Mordor. Instead I can run at a mix of medium/high settings and hit 60 fps most of the time. It probably helps that I have motion blur off, but I think motion blur effects look terrible in just about every game.

Ubisoft has a spotty track record, but I doubt the game will straight up not run if you have less than what has been posted.

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My favourite non-water drink is Cider and Black, which bars in Canada don't seem to make. I guess I need to go back to the UK.

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I'm an engineering manager for a small company. We have a pretty small team and everyone gets along. It's rad.Plus I work with explosives. Also rad.

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STALKER. Hauntingly beautiful.

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No screen-cap, but my favourite so far is Dush the Dumb. He isn't terribly difficult, but he has awesome dialogue.

"I just killed someone who looks like you....a lot like you....exactly like you. HEY! IT WAS YOU!"

"Stop talking! Lets kill each other!"

(His speech to his followers during a feast) "Food. Drink. Food. Drink. Food AND drink!"

"I'm going to....your face blood, er, your blood....DIE!"

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Star Wars? I know there have been a ton of Star Wars games, but it would be rad to have a nemesis system populated by Sith/Jedi. Maybe even have slain masters buff their followers by becoming apparitions. Playing through Shadow of Mordor I can't help but feel like almost every aspect could be tweaked to fit in a Star Wars game. Wraith = Jedi Apparition, Wraith powers = force powers, Uruk = Sith,etc. Might make more sense if it were flipped and you were a Sith hunting Jedi.

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Hellblazer is my favorite these days.

Hellblazer is amazing. It's funny, because I only started reading it because I liked the Constantine movie and wanted to check out the source material. Turns out it's way better than the movie.

For anyone interested, some of my favourite Hellblazer story arcs include Dangerous Habits, Son of Man, Haunted (because Map is a badass), and everything that Brian Azzarello wrote. Worth checking out.

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I prefer a nice Rickard's Red

or Steamwhistle