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STALKER. Hauntingly beautiful.

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No screen-cap, but my favourite so far is Dush the Dumb. He isn't terribly difficult, but he has awesome dialogue.

"I just killed someone who looks like you....a lot like you....exactly like you. HEY! IT WAS YOU!"

"Stop talking! Lets kill each other!"

(His speech to his followers during a feast) "Food. Drink. Food. Drink. Food AND drink!"

"I'm going to....your face blood, er, your blood....DIE!"

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Star Wars? I know there have been a ton of Star Wars games, but it would be rad to have a nemesis system populated by Sith/Jedi. Maybe even have slain masters buff their followers by becoming apparitions. Playing through Shadow of Mordor I can't help but feel like almost every aspect could be tweaked to fit in a Star Wars game. Wraith = Jedi Apparition, Wraith powers = force powers, Uruk = Sith,etc. Might make more sense if it were flipped and you were a Sith hunting Jedi.

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Hellblazer is my favorite these days.

Hellblazer is amazing. It's funny, because I only started reading it because I liked the Constantine movie and wanted to check out the source material. Turns out it's way better than the movie.

For anyone interested, some of my favourite Hellblazer story arcs include Dangerous Habits, Son of Man, Haunted (because Map is a badass), and everything that Brian Azzarello wrote. Worth checking out.

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I prefer a nice Rickard's Red

or Steamwhistle

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Honestly, I think Kane and Lynch 2 would make a great film. It would be easy enough to condense that story into two hours. Essentially it's just about two guys who fucked up without realizing it and had to deal with the consequences. It would hinge on getting the right actors, because it would need to be a driven by the characters. The "No more deals" line would be extremely powerful with the right delivery and character development.

Not sure who would act in it, but David Ayer would be the right choice to write/direct.

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@baillie said:

@archer88: Borderlands was pretty popular.

I guess I was thinking more of Borderlands 2. In general that was still a popular game, I just don't see that reflected here. I know Jeff gave it a favorable review and there was excitement for it right off the bat, but it seemed like by the time the end of the year awards rolled around GB people didn't care much for it. Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep, despite being considered by many to be the best DLC for Borderlands 2, received a pretty negative response here.

Look at the soon to be released Pre-sequel. When it was announced there seemed to be a lot more hatred for the series than excitement. Despite being the third game in a popular series it has had little discussion or coverage. Hopefully that will pick up closer to its release.

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I haven't played Destiny, but based on the shortcomings listed on these boards and the Bombcast(reused locations, poor story/story isn't engaging/ story too self serious, ok loot, classes feel similar, limited set of abilities) I'm surprised Borderlands isn't more popular in this community. To me, it seems like Borderlands 1 and 2 is similar in concept to Destiny, but doesn't have all of those issues. Did people really hate Tiny Tina and Handsome Jack that much? Maybe they just have the loudest or most prevalent voice.

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@csl316 said:

Advent Rising.

Too Human?

Came here to say this. Loved both of those games.