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I just want a decent online store. How about that? Nintendo has a huge back catalog, including Wii and DS games, that they could be pushing on to the WiiU. They seem unreasonably slow to release digital versions of previous generation games.

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Been looking for people to play MH3U with. I'll have to add some of you guys. Thanks for the info @rempresent.

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@drewbert What about games with a 2013 release in Japan but a 2014 release in NA/Europe? I'm thinking specifically of Earth Defense Force 2025.

Also, Smite isn't showing up.

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My wife likes Taylor Swift, and it seems like in more than one song there is this weird valley-girl/shit-talking part during the breakdown/bridge. Makes me stabby.


Uggg... so he calls me up and he's like, "I still love you," And I'm like... "I just... I mean this is exhausting, you know, like, we are never getting back together. Like, ever"

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@slag said:

I'm hoping this year is going to GB East vs GB West Rap battle.

I was thinking GB East vs GB West wrestling feud.

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This might be a rehash of known issues with Dishonored, but just a few observations from someone who has played it recently.

As someone who cares about the story, I don't feel like they did a very good job of having your actions match the outcome. I spared every single target leading up to the final mission, Daud included, but managed to have a pretty violent run through the flooded district, resulting in a moderate chaos ending. When Samuel calls me out for being "brutal" it seemed to completely contradict my actions. When I saved Emily, she asks if they're all dead and then makes a comment that she would have killed them anyway as Empress. First, I knocked out both Martin and Havelock; Pendleton died from his wound. Second, the implication is that I taught her to want revenge. How? By sparing those who wronged me. Yes, I killed a lot of weepers toward the end, but I also completed 2 of the missions with no kills and no alarms. When a game gives you choices and asks you to role-play a character, I expect the story to match my actions. It really sours my opinion of the game. I think they should have tied chaos to how you dealt with your targets.

The gameplay for this game is fantastic...if you don't mind getting a high chaos ending. If you care about getting the better ending, then I hope you enjoy blinking, choking, sleep darts and loading a quick save. Maybe the point is to make people work for a good ending, but it doesn't result in an enjoyable experience. I think Patrick made a mistake in comparing this to Deus Ex; because the gameplay variety in Dishonored just doesn't stack up. Yes, the DLC addressed these issue by giving more non-lethal options, but they should have brought those items over to the main campaign.

That's it really. I enjoyed playing it when I stopped worrying about being non-lethal and stealthy, but I didn't appreciate the impact it had on the story. Seriously, having Samuel tell me off made me so angry I quit out.

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Did you say wizard, dear reader?

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"Shit!" Said Harry Potter

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With all of these beard options it sounds like I'm going to have a hard time deciding on my look.

Going to need some thinking music...

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Just a couple of notes:

- With regards to hunter progression, I don't like that I need to complete the all first star objectives before I can start earning points toward the second star ones. I think it encourages players to use weapons they might not be as skilled with. Yes, you want to be able to use all of your tools effectively, but when it comes down to it, I want my teammates using the weapon they're skilled with, not the one they need to work on for character progression.

- Daisy needs some work. She seemed to track the monster sometimes, and other times just follow the team or stand still. By design?

- The second monster type seemed overpowered. Engaged us as a group at level 2 and wiped us out in less than a minute. Only played against him once but that never happened with the Goliath.

- The balance seems pretty good for the most part, however the tracker class feels a little weak once you pop the dome. Dropping tethers is pretty good, but I felt like the other classes had a more active role. Maybe other trackers are better; only used Maggie.

I think the game has a lot of potential, and I had a blast playing it this weekend. Didn't have any issues playing with strangers, with or without voice chat.