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Not a lot of details at the moment. Obviously a multiplayer focus with some speculation of it being a free to play game. Details in Famitsu on January 29th 2015. Famitsu Article. Google Translated Article.

I would love a MP focused Dragon's Dogma, but I hope it isn't some free to play microstransaction garbage. Any one else tentatively excited?

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Anyway, I like all the Hellblazer stuff, but it's hard for me to narrow it down because some people don't like some of the authors. If I had to guess you'd probably like the Garth Ennis arc (which starts at Dangerous Habits and ends at Rake at the gates of hell- He also did the Son of Man arc, I think is only one trade) or Warren Ellis (he wrote Haunted and Setting Sun). Those are just easy to recommend- they're popular authors. So start where ever you want to, I guess, and if you like it get more. You don't actually have to know everything to read any particular arc. The most you'll miss are references as far as I can recall from the ones I have read.

Edit: Oh, btw, you can see a list of Hellblazer trades here

This is pretty much spot on with regards to where to start with Hellblazer. I would also recommend the Brian Azzarello story arcs: Hard Time, Good Intentions, Freezes Over and Highwater.

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My only complaint is that I wish I could mount the monsters at will, like in Dragon's Dogma.

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NA Codes:




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@nightriff: He definitely caught it and had control and then extended for the endzone instead of just holding on to the ball. He was only like a yard off to be fair and it's probably not particularly easy to judge where exactly you are on that kind of play so it's difficult to criticize. If he caught it and immediately fell over instead of taking a few steps then it wouldn't be a catch nominally, shitty rule aside.

I would watch it again at full speed. When you watch it slowed down it looks like he is taking a few steps and extending (a very small amount). When you watch it as it happened the steps he takes are just part of him falling to the ground. There's no "football move", so when the ball hit the ground and it popped out, it's not a catch anymore.

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A lot of people are talking about the Dez Bryant incomplete pass as if the refs handed the game to Green Bay. What about the bullshit pass interference call that setup the Cowboy's first score? The Pack got screwed by that, but no one talks about it because it happened at the beginning of the game.

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I just want a decent online store. How about that? Nintendo has a huge back catalog, including Wii and DS games, that they could be pushing on to the WiiU. They seem unreasonably slow to release digital versions of previous generation games.

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Been looking for people to play MH3U with. I'll have to add some of you guys. Thanks for the info @rempresent.

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@drewbert What about games with a 2013 release in Japan but a 2014 release in NA/Europe? I'm thinking specifically of Earth Defense Force 2025.

Also, Smite isn't showing up.