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According to Steam:

1. Borderlands 2 - 128 hours

2. Red Faction: Guerrilla - 109 hours

3. Global Agenda - 96 hours

4. TF2 - 66 hours

5. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - 63 hours

I know that some of the games on my list don't have the right times though (for example says I haven't played HL2: EP1).


Looked at my Xfire and Raptr accounts and it's more like:

1. League of Legends - 463 hours

2. The Matrix Online - 416 hours

3. Borderlands 2 - 128 hours

4. Red Faction: Guerrilla - 109 hours

5. Global Agenda - 96 hours

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So, I actually watched it before making a comment.

I think she makes some good points, but she's still getting into the habit of cherry picking examples or creatively describing the events in games in order to fit her agenda. Take the Girl in a Fridge section where she points to Max Payne as an example. Yes, Max does go undercover in an effort to disrupt the drug scene in New York because of the part it played in his wife's death, but the Alex Baldur's death is what drives his revenge for a good portion of the game. It isn't until much later where the connections to his wife are actually made.

I think she's stretching a little bit when she makes the connections to domestic violence and women being treated as possessions. She also seem to be inconsistent with regards to game mechanics and how they affect these tropes. She brings them up when discussing violence towards women (the main way a player interacts with most games is through violence), but fails to when stating a damsel's death is more important than her life (pacing of a game could be impacted if events were shifted to allow for more pre-damsel development).

Also, her little comedy moment when discussing Bionic Commando was cringe worthy. Boo-urns.

Those criticisms aside I look forward to the next vid.

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@darji said:

· Kane & Lunch: Dead Men (2007)

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So I was listening to one of the more recent Bombcasts the other day, and the crew were talking about how the 360 controller might change with the next generation of the console. Given that they have already laid the groundwork for a companion touchscreen with Smartglass, I wouldn't be surprised if they incorporated this into their next controller. This was more or less said on the bombcast, but concerns were raised over how changing such a popular controller might affect the fan-base. I think there is an obvious solution.

Use the space that you would normally put a chat pad, and fill it with a small (phone sized?) touch screen. It could even act as a chat pad still since most people are fairly comfortable typing on a touch screen these days. Thoughts?

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Red Faction Armageddon (Play the horde mode with some friends and you will love it. The nanoforge powers make it crazy)

Timeshift (Using the time powers to break that game is kind of awesome)

Kane and Lynch 1 and 2 (I don't care how long it is, I love the characters and the action is just awesome)

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Needs more Atom Zombie Smasher

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The walkers that the Hierarchy uses in Universe at War: Earth Assault are kind of like big walking buildings.

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Can't say I personally care about any Apple product that has come out in the last ten years, but you have to give the man his due. My condolences to his family and friends. RIP.

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On the subject of more augs, I came across an email in the game (I tried to upload a picture but it didn't work) that was a progress report of current projects at Sarif. The one closest to completion was the Typhoon, which Adam has access to, but it can probably be assumed that the others aren't seen in the game. No real descriptions other than names.

BASILISK (INT 242) - Internal project I assume

LPNGTIGER (MIL 363) - Military Project

OmniVision.2 (EYE UPG)


It'd be nice to see these implemented in a sequel or in post ending DLC. Not sure what they would be though. Maybe LPNGTIGER allows you to instigate takedowns from a distance with what is essentially a pounce? I for one would like to see a grappling hook augmentation for quick vertical travel and for grabbing enemies at a distance, as well as the transforming gun arm. It could run on say, heavy rifle ammo but the benefit would be that you wouldn't have to take up inventory space with the gun. I'll try to add the pics again later.

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I've been playing it as well (I also have it preordered) and when it comes to dealing with the "bad dude" and the hostage, I gave him a quick burst in the gut with the machine pistol and then punched him out. The burst breaks the hostage killing animation giving you a window to take him down. It was a great moment when I realized that fighting him didn't mean the hostage had to die and that my options really were that diverse.