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Oh yeah, a whole bunch.

1) Ghost Trick

2)Tie Fighter

3) Jedi Academy (let me play as Kyle thank you very much)

4) SWAT 4

5) Kane and Lynch 2


7)Bad Company 2

8)MoH Airborne

9)No One Lives Forever


11)Red Faction

Most of those won't be happening.

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Either hand sanitizer or a full glass of white vinegar. I'm an easy person to dare.

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Only managed to listen to it this morning, but hot damn! That was one of the best Bombcasts I've listened to in a while.Glad I wasn't alone in that opinion.

Vinny IS the internet.

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Most recently, End of Watch. Specifically the final scenes.

At Zavala's funeral, Taylor tries to deliver a eulogy, but only manages to say "He was my brother". I can't explain how devastating that line is to me. They then cut to this scene of them joking around together while on patrol a few days earlier and somehow it just makes it worse.

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I have Interstellar Marines. Don't want anything in particular but I am open to offers. I also have a bunch of coupons. PM me.

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I have the following coupons:

-10% Shadow Warrior (x2)

-75% Earth 2160

-75% Ultratron (x2)

-50% Sequence

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Torchlight. While I like RPGs and loot-centric games, I found this game unimaginative and a chore to complete.

On the flipside, I love Borderlands 1/2 while everyone here seems to loathe it...

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@video_game_king: A cask is just a wooden barrel for storing booze. Not a casket....

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Between all of the booze the Giant Bomb guys have received lately and the number of times they mentioned bourbon on the Ryan Davis Thank You podcast, I thought it would be cool to have a custom made cask for the crew. Nothing too crazy, maybe just big enough to hold a liter or two, but I need help deciding on the distillery that will be branded on the front. I was thinking "Davis' Straight Bourbon Whiskey Est. 1979" but wasn't sure if it would be better to take a more general route and just have it branded something like "The Giant Bombcask". I just wanted to get some community input. This will probably be a cooler way to spend some dough that I would just blow on the Steam sale.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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A little late with my comments here but I just wanted to say I'm really going to miss Ryan. For as long as I have been interested in video games, Ryan has been a part of that world for me. Even though I am an "adult", I was pretty pumped to hear him read my question on a bombcast recently. Gone but never forgotten. You will be missed.