PSP Games To Play

Argh. PSP hatred. I'm just making this list because PSP has exclusive games that I've always wanted to play, and... I don't want to get old and miss something out, so here it is.

I just want to play RPGs, but this list got out of hand. Whatever.

Anyone notice how many flight sims there are for PSP? Wth.

I just want to point out that I might not end up being a fan of these games, these are just the games I intend to play.

Shit, I'll have to go over this list in a couple of years when they official stop making PSP games.

ANYONE READING - Please point out good RPGs for the PSP. This can include Tactical and Action and Turn Based. I don't care if it's in Japanese, I can understand a bit, and I'd almost prefer reading in Japanese.

List items