[something different] 9-2-13

No, it's not the name for a new blog series or whatever. Just a suggestion someone made to me as a joke, thought I might as well use it at least once.

So What The Hell Have I Been Doing?

That is a good question.

Well, it has been two weeks since my last blog entry with the [insert title] name, so during that time I've been getting programs and files transferred onto this laptop and getting packed up for my trip down to Redmond. The trip from Alaska to the apartment I am staying in was less than ideal. The plane ride was fine for it being a red eye, but it was being dead tired all throughout Friday in Mount Vernon visiting relatives that wasn't as fun. Saturday I moved into the apartment and met my roommates, and I got all my stuff unpacked. Though looking at my roommates computer setups, can't help but feeling a bit jealous and wishing I had my desktop with me (one of them has a three monitor set up). The weekend was all getting adjusted to living in the apartment, while Monday through Wednesday have been the busiest days for me so far.

So the apartment I'm in is actually one of three complexes that DigiPen has allowed freshmen and international students to live in, which is definitely handy as I'll have ton of people to contact easily for projects and what not. A group of people from one of the apartments did not have internet working in their place, so they came over to use ours at about 11 PM and we ended up hanging out until 1 AM, somehow wondering how we didn't wake up the neighbors in the process. Tuesday involved a ton of walking, as I started the morning walking to Starbucks over on Redmond Way, went with my roommates to buy a board game from a store in the town square, then walk a long ways to Marymoor Park for a new student meet up, followed by a walk to a tabletop game store and picking up a pizza, and then back to the apartments. I had never done as much walking and talking with other people in my entire life.

Wednesday was the student orientation at DigiPen, which was another all day affair. Took the shuttle to the campus, got to meet the faculty and learn about the different programs and what not, had lunch and listened to a speech by Claude Comair, the founder of DigiPen (and a really witty guy. His speech was quite entertaining), it was quite busy. Walking back to the apartments only took about half an hour and I didn't feel like waiting for the shuttle. Again, more exercise.

The last couple days have been just me relaxing and playing video games, but I'm definitely looking forward to starting school at DigiPen, even with everyone saying the work load is going to be intense.

Video Games

So yes, I've been getting some video games, trying to get as much done with games that would be heavy time investments. Like Fallout New Vegas.

As of right now, I am around level 20, completed Old World Blues and currently in the middle of Dead Money. Gotta say, I like the game a whole lot. Obviously Obsidian is really good at writing characters and story, but the elements of a Bethesda game like the freedom to go and do whatever in the game world are present. On top of using patches and mods to play the game, I've also been going through it on Hardcore mode and it is an interesting challenge. Especially in Dead Money where resources are so scarce and you're constantly losing health slowly. Off and on I've been tempted to include the JSawyer mod to make things even more challenging, but I only think I'm ready for that once I've finished the playthrough I'm currently on. Which might take even longer to complete while school is going on.

Other games of note include Burnout Paradise, which I played back in 2008 on PS3 and am now playing again on PC, and it is still fun as I remember. The two favorite things I enjoy most are the takedown missions, and just driving everywhere. Just hold down the boost button to go as fast as possible and see how long I can drive before slipping up and crashing.

Also got Unreal Tournament '99 and McPixel. I haven't done much multiplayer with other people in UT and instead been messing around with mods in bot matches, seeing which mutators and stuff go best. And McPixel is pretty hilarious, though I've not played too much of that.

And this was quite a while back, like almost immediately after my last blog post, I played some F.E.A.R. and really enjoyed it. The horror elements didn't put me off as much I would've thought, as they're relatively subtle and atmospheric rather than being a bunch of obnoxious jump scares. The combat in the game is fantastic though, with the bullet time and different melee moves that you have, and fighting the replica soldiers is a fun and challenging experience. Might check out F.E.A.R. 2 at some point, perhaps?

And That's It

Tomorrow classes start, which again I am excited for though at the same time a bit worried because of the workload. Still, my plan is to put out at least one blog at the end of each month detailing what games I've been playing (or what little I've played, it'll depend), as well as anything else interesting I experience at DigiPen. Hell, this was actually supposed to be posted Saturday, but whatever. Spent that time playing New Vegas instead.


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