Older Games

Every Year at this time as I watch all the new games come out and get eager to play them I try to do some house keeping and tie up loose ends and finish up some games that have just been lingering around. What are you plying that been out at least 6 months?

I went back and am actually finishing up games much older than that. Seeing Bioshock Infinite previews this summer made me feel bad that I never finished the original. So I went back and I'm in the final stages of that. The story and graphics really hold up. Go back and finish it if you haven't! Play it again if you have.

Fallout New Vegas. I loved Fallout 3 so so much. Great story, great open world and I was hooked. New Vegas came out and I wasn't immediately drawn into the world . I'm not sure why. Sure I still liked it but it was just OK. Well I have given it my commitment to get the courier through his world. So before I get to Skyrim I will finish this.

What else, Oh I never played Shadow Complex and I picked it up on sale this summer. Then oddly, never played it, again. So I finally cracked that open.

Plus earlier this year I S-ranked Assassins Creed 2 (yes 2 not Brotherhood). I just got Brotherhood but haven't started yet. And I also just got and haven't started Mass Effect 2.

Oh don't get me wrong, the wife is good to me, and most of those new big releases will be under my Christmas tree so I'll be playing alot of those big games soon but right now I want to finish up some older stuff. So what big games are you playing that are older, trying to finish etc.?


Cardboard sleeves on Game boxes.

I'm sure this is not much of a bother to some of you. I've seen the stack of upside down disk sitting on the sticky coffee table. However, if you are like me and keep games, boxes, and even inserts forever then you may have an opinion on cardboard sleeves on game boxes.

Usually its a high profile titles. Bioshock and the Fallouts had them. But sometimes not not so high profile game get them, like Darkstar One. I don't remember seeing them on PS3 games yet--have there been any?

Whats the purpose? They don't fit on shelves properly, cost more to print and ship, and don't really add any value to the game. Do you keep them or toss them?