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@dudeglove: Afaik the main reason Stannis (or rather Baratheon) is part of the storyline is because they are really the only major military force other than Lannister left. They do a terrible job at showing it in the show, but most of the storyline has been all about warfare. They just need some more establishing scenes, rather than just seeing Stannis in his chambers with a few advisors over and over and over.

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Why has noone mentioned the absolutely epic comeback Loras pulled on Jamie ? =D

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/insert fry take my money image

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I've seen some things about it that made me want to check it out, but being a Norwegian (that also spent a good amount of time studying vikings) I'm afraid it'll just be cringe-worthy for me to watch.

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Seeing a lot of reasons why I prefer PC over console already, but one thing people tend to glance over is UI, console UI is almost universally terrible. I remember playing multi-plat games on PC before I got back into console gaming again and just tearing my hair out at having to deal with these horrible UI solutions. Sure, when you play them with a controller and think of "console standards" they seem reasonable, but for a PC....

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I can't help but think that this will actually be a "downgrade" for him (not financially ofc). Guess we'll see, but a straight up hosting job ? That's not Colbert, never has been, never will be.

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I challenge you to find an IMDB profile that doesn't look like that.

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@sweep said:

I always wanted to be good at fighting games, but it's just never going to happen.

Was gonna say the same. Seems like a genre that is very interesting once you get deep into it, but the barrier to entry is just way too high.

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@xymox: I was speaking more about the end-game than gearing through levelling. And yes, the loot system before was dreadful. Been a while since I made that post, and I'm still playing, but my experience is still the same. I brought my WD up to 70 and he was "optimally" geared within 10-20 hours. While I've farmed quite a lot more on him now, and he's most definitely stronger than he was, it's all just very incremental and slow. Getting a character ready and able for torment 1 is extremely quick, and anything beyond that is mostly just for people that strive for "perfection".

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@aegon: But if you look back at season 1 Tyrion was still a bad-ass before he became the Hand. Oberyn is pretty much that character, the "care for nothing, the world is mine to enjoy" kinda guy.

It's not that I don't understand the reasoning behind some of the changes, but as I said, it just feels like a completely different show all of a sudden. "Noone" are who they used to be anymore and the main storyline of Stark vs Lannister is dead.