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Nice to finally see a bit more showing rather than telling, although there was still plenty of telling in there. At this point it sorta makes it seem like doing anything in the game is gonna be a big commitment that will take a lot of time. Also, there's only so many times they can do the "zoom out and look at all these stars" before it loses all its impact.

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While the bike chase is visually great (and seems to remove the worst part about those sequences) I don't really get why people were talking about how they should've shown the full demo on stage. It's just more Uncharted. If the first half didn't sell you then the second half probably wouldn't change that in any way.

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You can go check what you have and haven't done in the map-menu (tab furthest to the right). My guess is that you're missing the underground subway ones. They count as being part of the third island (as far as the overview and informants) but they have a seperate summary in the map view.

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From the stuff I've seen of the game the most damning thing that popped out to me was how they speak about things that happened to the other one as if they were there. But that might just be the game being a game and trying to blur the lines as much as possible.

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Oh man, I just hit the second batmobile bossfight and holy christ have they managed to turn me on the game. It's one thing to introduce a new gameplay system to the game, but making it the crux of the game is just a terrible idea, especially when it already has other really solid systems. I think I can pretty safely say that it's the absolutely worst stuff they've had in any of these games.

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@chaser324: Ye, I dunno (hence the question mark). Noticed the same thing happening on Gamespot (which I know have been messing around with the player lately). Thought I'd report it just in case.

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I started noticing earlier today that the videoplayer on the site wouldn't load anymore. I tried refreshing without adblock on and it seems to be what's causing the problem.

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I think you're coming at it from the wrong angle. The things you talk about are the things that makes them open-world games. It's the same as being tired of FPSs all being about shooting people in the head with guns. Open-world games have always been about having a smorgasbord of different activities and then letting you pick and choose what you want to do, and they always will be. Sure, some of them might share some activities here and there, but most of the successful ones also has their own things going on.

If you ask me, we've actually seen quite a lot of interesting things happening in the genre over the last handful of years. Saint's Row 3 came out and amazed everyone. Far Cry 3 did a lot of new things, especially for a first person game. Black Flags boat setting was fantastic. Sure, there has been some clunkers along the way too, but I'd say the genre overall is doing fine.

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This is gonna be a somewhat strange way to describe the game, but after playing it for a good few hours (25% completion) I feel like this is like Arkham City was for the people that think Arkham Asylum was a better game. Personally I think City is the better game, and Knight just feels a bit too messy and bloated. I don't think the car stuff is bad, but having it take up a "proportional" amount of the game means less melee combat, and most importantly what seems like "less than proportional" predator segments. Overall the game also feels way less "metroidy".

As for the story (as I see some people asking about it), I'm not the biggest comic book fan or anything so for me it seems pretty much on par with what the other games have done. It seems to veer a bit more towards the more "eccentric" stuff though (plenty of characters I barely, or don't know anything about at all), so if you're into that I guess it might be better. The biggest worry I have so far is that I'm looking at the progress bar, and looking at how much I've done, and I keep wondering how much there really is to the game. It just seems like the game is holding back a hidden second act, but knowing these games that's probably not the case.

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@poobumbutt: You sorta cut out the most important descriptor in that sentence. My entire point was that instead of focusing on the "known", they should've focused on the kinda stuff that falls through the cracks. It would've made for a much more eye-opening feature. I'm not talking about having to talk about men or race or anything like that. The first step to changing peoples minds is to reveal the absurdities, not to bandwagon behind the already controversial issue, and their show has been pretty good at doing the first one.