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It's never bothered me, I would actually think it would seem stranger to have civilians all around side by side with all the criminals. Also, I just can't see Batman running down the street with a bunch of civilians around.

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Another "successful" kickstarter story!

What a wonderful world we live in where you can invest other peoples money and they don't want any dividends at all... Kickstarter and actual commercial products is just such a great combination.

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If anything is this games Drake Sword it's the Drangleic armor and shield. Those things are ridicolously strong considering how early you get them.

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Hexes are pretty damn good, but at the same time quite a few of the end-game bosses are also highly resistant to dark.

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@karkarov said:

@anwar said: offline and then you get invaded by NPCs in some areas

Yeah you will become VERY well acquainted with Royal Sorcerer (aka bad guy) Navlaan by the end of the game if you play offline.... I have fought him at least 8 times, I kid you not.

That's not the only way you get to know him.

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Spending souls on items (that you use) is genereally more beneficial than spending it on levels. Stat scaling is already curbed down in this game compared to it's precessors, so I wouldn't be too worried about over-levelling.

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The King's door you're looking for is down the ladder in Cardinal Tower, then over the bridge and to the right. There's a door that was locked there, just after it take a left.

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You've missed an area. It's in a tower behind a closed door. Easiest way to get there is from Tower Apart.

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@seppli: It only takes one stone per weapon. It's sort of just a modifier, while the +X you have stays with the weapon no matter what infusion you do. As far as what infusions go with strength, using raw on any weapon with decent scaling seems like a bad deal from what I've seen. However (as already said) with only 50 fire bonus rating my axe (that had A or B scaling before I think) still got a significant damage buff when I infused fire on it. I can only imagine how good infusing will be if you have both stats going for you.

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On my first char I also ran a strength-build and infusing my +10 Grym Axe with fire did end up being more damage. In practice though the damage got more unreliable as mobs have different resistance to fire. I also added raw to a +10 Malformed Skull and eventhough it had less overall power than my naked +10 axe it did WAY more damage.