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The way I see it developers will get a better grip of it as we go along, to the point that you won't even notice you're playing while installing for many games. Also, while it might not be that beneficial when you're talking about discs, considering I'm probably gonna be downloading most of my games this generation I'd much rather get to play quickly than wait for full DL and install.

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Well, this is probably just me personally, but I loved AC3, I loved FC3, I loved AC4, I'm having a hard time seeing how I will not love another open-world game built on the same ideas from the same developers with a completely new setting.

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@abrasion: The games are probably never loaded from the disc though. It probably just copies the process of streaming download and plays off HDD after having installed the base package. If they have the technology and software to do it with downloads, why not utilize it in a situation where you know you'll have great transfer speed.

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I don't see any reason why they wouldn't just start the background install as soon as you launch the game and keep it going until finished. Why would they trigger it by you doing something in the game ? That just seems like a way to ensure people will have a crappy experience.

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I wonder, who tuned into any of these streams because they were excited to watch other people buy their PS4 ? Is this really some event that people want to watch live ?

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Don't fret over lost souls.

This a thousand times over. Also, upgrading gear is important, very important.

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This is exactly why I've been wondering if they will operate with an "owned" library (like steam), which it seems they are not doing. Having limited space is fine if you can still very easily browse your library and install/uninstall at will. I've been playing around with digital games on PS3 for a while already, and without any way to check your collection it pretty much turns into an "uninstall and forget" situation.

Also, they better have fixed the problem where you need twice the amount of space to download and install digital games, as that would pretty much mean you need a fourth of your disk space clear to download many of the bigger games.

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Since you guys are talking about major balance changes to the main game too, does anyone know if there's any patch notes available ?

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If you're into jrpgs check out Resonance of Fate. It can be hard to understand the combat at first, but the game is really great once you get into it. (and it has both the things you're asking for)

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I would say after E3/the fall of the year after consoles launched. That will be the time when a big new game on PS3/360 starts being a very rare thing.