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Looking at the Gamespot Now Playing it doesn't seem to have a fuel gauge at all, it just crashes if you fly too high.

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Good games doesn't tell stories, they give experiences. That's not to say games have any sort of exclusivety on giving experiences. I went to watch Interstellar earlier this week and while the story of that movie didn't blow me away in any way, watching that movie on a big screen and with an awesome sound-system was a great experience.

The vast majority of my most memorable moments with games are not about what some character did to some other character or anything like that, they're about what I did.

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So uhm, this game is pretty short. Not short for your average game ofc, but for an AC game the campaign is pretty swift. It also plays heavily on having played 3 and 4 to have any real impact. Still plenty of decent side-stuff to get lost in though, but by the time I thought I was done with the full intro of the game I was already past the halfway point. It also leads to a situation where a lot of the side-stuff is never really introduced and a lot of the "stuff on the map" feels like it's just thrown in there for no real reason. Sure, there's always been an excess of stuff in these games, but the ratio here is probably close to something like 80-20.

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@theht: Ye, it's sorta silly though, I was in combat with a ship that would've clearly beat me, but then it boarded me and I wiped out all their people and I ended up looting their ship instead.

As for the story, (spoilers if you haven't been following the previews at all).

I've only just passed the point where he abandons the Creed and I found that part pretty silly. Like it "makes sense", but to me it came off almost as if he was just throwing a tantrum and it wasn't earned at all. As I eluded to already they've ended up in this weird territory where you play for quite a while as an assassin (even longer than the intro in AC3). So it feels like it should be more of a build into some big dramatic change, but then it ends up happening too "early" to really be able to tell a full-fledged story up to that point. So far the main character has also been pretty flat as well, except for that situation ofc.

But again, I feel like I haven't really gotten to the part where the game hits its groove. Although maybe I'm wrong, but I would think the game really gets going once you're actually a templar and start doing templar stuff.

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Yup, this game sure is a B production of Black Flag. It's really strange though, at the very beginning of the game it feels like they're just jumping in with both feet almost like it's a DLC to Black Flag or something, but now I've played 8 hours of it and I still haven't gotten around to the part where I feel like the story really lets me free.

Also, I dunno if it's my PS3 getting too old or what, but I feel like there's something really strange going on with the framerate in the game. It feels very choppy, while at the same time looking very typical 30 smooth. It's especially noticable on the minimap, which I swear is not set to refresh at 30 fps. It's like the game isn't rendering at 30 fps, but it's putting out a 30 fps feed (if that makes sense?).

I'm enjoying myself for now though, although if I hadn't already replayed Black Flag earlier this year I'd probably much rather play that again over this. Now if only Ubi actually manages to branch off into a good pirate-themed franchise off of what they've done with these last few iterations of old-console AC, instead of letting it be lost and forgotten with the new engine, I'd be a really happy camper.

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@matatat: I dunno, I'm by no means any expert on this stuff. It doesn't really change the point I was trying to make either way though, the fact that the patch is big doesn't necessarily mean there's such immense changes, it just means there's changes to large files.

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@geraltitude: I remember someone making a thread a few months ago wondering about how console patches could be downloaded and installed before the main game is installed on the newer consoles. The fact that that is possible heavily implies that consoles still use a replace instead of edit patching process.

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Regarding the patch sizes that's probably mostly an issue with how consoles treat patches. As far as I can tell the way consoles patch games is by replacing files, not altering them (as in you download a new version of a file and the game is programmed to always use the newest file available). I'm assuming it's because consoles still play some games (or parts of them) straight from the disc, so it's impossible to alter the original file. That leads to very inflated patch sizes, as a small change to a big file still means you have to download that entire file.

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Why are people still suprised by this ? All it is is just a natural escalation of what's been going on for years now. This stuff is here to stay no matter how much we disapprove, as it's just a straight up profit deal for the publisher. The only thing that would change it would be if there was a massive dip in sales due to consumer backlash, but that's exactly what they're experimenting with, where the line is between what they can get away with and still keep sales steady.

I think it's important to remember that these are games that are not made for the audience you see on websites like these. Sure, we might be interested in them too, but they are made for mass-market and that's the voice that determines how the games keep developing. To quote Jim Gaffigan "It's McDonalds", it doesn't matter if there's a bunch of people that think it's shit and won't have anything to do with it, as long as there's a much bigger audience that don't give a shit and keep coming back.

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@triplestan said:
P.P.P.S. What's up with Chris' left hand? His pinkie looks massive.

Took me a while to realize he's doing the horns with both hands and his left hand got caught at a weird angle.