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@mcfart: Hm, I dunno.. Living in a country that borders Russia while having a military that would crumble in hours is cause enough for concern for me. Sure, we will never get occupied if our allies comes to our rescue, but even then if things get out of hand it could easily turn my life up-side down pretty quickly.

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The way I see it tablets are for people that use laptops the way they were intended to be used, on the move. It's just much more convenient and easier to pack and carry a tablet, and it's less of a hassle to set up and operate any where, any time.

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@random45: It's because it's a self-imposed classification. People consider themselves "a gamer" or "not a gamer", and that means something to them. So when someone "breaks" that preconception part of their identity is being attacked.

Think of it this way, if you consider yourself a cool person and someone you think is a jackass also considers themselves a cool person the natural reaction is to either stop considering yourself cool (as you don't wanna identify with that person) or reject their claim at being cool. You can switch out the classification with pretty much any self-imposed identity, but you'll still see the same reaction.

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If you go by that definition the word basically has no meaning. How many people have you ever met that refuse to play any sort of game, be it card, board, video or even more traditional games like cops and robbers or whatever?

The way I see it gamers are the people that call themselves gamers, the people that enjoy "gamer culture" etc. It's not about judging people or anything like that, more about having an easy way of describing people with a certain kind of interest (which isn't necessarily actually playing games).

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I don't know too much about it, but the addition of greater rifts and greed portals will break up the grinding feeling even more, which can only be a good thing.

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@corruptedevil: nono, they just want attention. The only "real" thing they've posted on their twitter was a link to a news story about them doing this. Everything else is just "look, we're doing this" and generally silly taunts etc. (also, trying to "blackmail" streamers to put their name out there).

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@corruptedevil: attention. If you take a look at their twitter it's pretty obvious what this is all about.

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PSN is getting ddos'd, so if the game requires you to be connected (which it seems like?) you'll probably have some problems.

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I'm curious about the ps4 version, but considering I already own and have played a ton of the game on PC already I'd really want to try it before I buy it. Would suck to buy the game again only to realize that it's just an inferior version.

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Regarding the whole "money first" things, two wrongs doesn't make a right. We often see the two simplified arguments we see here clash, and they're both wrong.

The reality is that there are plenty of businesses that aren't money first. When someone decided to open let's say your local bakery it probably wasn't because someone analyzed the local market and realized that a great way to earn money there was to build a bakery, it was most likely just some person that wanted to make a living by baking. If they just wanted to make as much money as possible they could've probably done something more profitable, but if they can't make a living through baking they will probably shut the business down rather than change the business. That's not to say money isn't important or a priority, but it's not the core essential part of the business.

The thing with videogames over the last decade (or more) is that it has become an industry driven more and more by people that really are all about money first. They have no passion or "loyalty" for the product they're making, they just want to make as much money as possible. It's what happens to an industry when it grows too fast and becomes dependant on investors rather than being self-sustainable. That's not to say that the game companies no longer have a passion for making games, but they no longer have the ability to set the agenda.

It's easy to think that most businesses are money first because it's generally what's on the day to day agenda, but at the end of the day most businesses have a list of things they will and won't do to make money.